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Trip #4

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:52 pm
by sd70accsxt700

Called for Q15003, at 02:00 to deadhead up to Livernois, and bring it home. But before we did I went up to Vickers for a hour, to relax, and seen the following.

Q33404, with BNSF 569, CSXT 7541, & 2642, with 120 cars, at 00:35. At 00:47, I had the NS 11K, with NS 8407 & BNSF 6921, did not get the number of cars as it was blocked by ...........
24W, also at 00:47, with NS 9303 & 9469, and 93 loads, and 1 empties (long count), with 104 trailers, and 7 containers. Up next was Amtrak 30, the Capital Limited, with Amtk 57 & 25, 1 baggage, 8 Superliners, and 2 ExpressTracks reefers, at 00:56. Then the NS decided to let CSX run one, and we had the Z24702, with CN 5507 & 5500, and about 50 cars (we will see him later). Then one more NS, witch was the 21M, at 01:08, with NS 9255 (OL), UP 5079 (flag), & NS 9956 (primer), with 77 loads, and 2 empties (long count), with 99 trailers. And finally the K90731, with CSXT 9013 & 8720, with 76 cars.

We depart Walbridge, at 02:30, and go 5 miles up the freeway and its closed. Hum. So we finally arive at Livernois, at 04:30, but before we left, I looked to see what the power might be. And it showed that Q151, came up with a CW44AC, and the 2770. I also noticed that there was a X09402, interesting. Well as we pull into the parking lot, I see the 2770, attached to the 4401, but no AC. Hum. We get inside and the first thing the yard master says is your power isn't here yet its coming up on X09 something. Hum. Lets go see what it is. It was UP 8284 (looking at the number on the computer, I couldn't rember what that was, but as I soon found out, I should have) & CSXT 8141, 3 days out of the paint shop in Huntington, WV.

So finally the power shows up, at 06:00 and we begin our day of rearranging the train in the right order. This takes a while, as it is usually pretty messed up. But here is the stats, and then trains I saw (all in the Waterman to Delray corridor) while building it. Q15003, with UP 8284 & CSXT 8141, 33 loads (short count), 5028 tons, and 6553 feet.

At 06:28, we see a northbound CN train on the old Wabash, with quite a power lineup. UP 2308, GTW 5939 (KCS gray), CN 5332(zebra), GTW 4907 (plus the next two in blue), 5937, 4909, & WC 7511 & 7501, with 49 cars. Next a southbound CP, with a SOO SD60(candy apple red), CEFX ex-UP SD40-2, & SOO SD60(white & red), with 70 cars, at 07:15.

At 07:25, we have the CN 383? heading back north from Walbridge, with CN 5507 & 5500, and 50 coke from the W&LE, and 97 mixed freight. Up next at 08:02, was the LV?? on the NS 9351 & 9495, with 52 cars. Then at 8:10, we had the 18Q, with NS 8571, 8622, & 6605, with 42 cars. And continuing in the long list of trains passing by at 08:12, was the CN 468? (going to become the CSXT Z241, in Walbridg, after leaving Flat Rock yard), with GTW 5934, IC 6257 (in CN paint), CSXT 777 (now in YN3), & CSXT 4845, with 75 cars. They got held up at Delray for about 45 minuets.

Then we have the NS 260, at 8:30, witch I did not see, but heard on the radio (the CN train was blocking him). Next is 31M, with NS 5506 & 3255, with 70 auto racks. At 9:10 the LV?? comes south with NS 1443 & 1449, in route to I think the yard across Rouge river on the southside, with 40 cars. Then at 9:30, we have CN 383, with 5771? & 5662, and 93 cars. The CP 8654, with 7 auto racks, 13 platforms, with 23 containers, and also 33 more mixed, comes past for Rouge yard, at 9:46. We actually depart Livernois yard, and head down to Delray Tower, to wait our turn in line, at 10:00. We arrive at Delray, at 10:05, to watch the LV??, coming back with NS 1439 & 1443, and 18 cars.

We depart Delray, at 10:48. As we come across the NS River Rouge Bridge, we meet the 23T, with CEFX 1045 & 1006, with 29 cars. All gathered around the east end of Oakwood yard, was NS 5252, switching the Tri-Level docks, the NS 5205, with 17 empty coke cars, CP 127, with CP 8654, putting there power away. Also, NS 272, with NS 8452, in the Roadrailer Terminal. And finally the NS 5523 switching by its self, along with the NS 3402, 7072, & EMDX 2822, tied onto a track in the yard.

At Stumpmire Rd., we pass the Q33503, with BNSF 569 & CSXT 7541, with 94 cars. We stop at Ironville, and see a NS job pulling west across the diamond, with NS 3326, and 31 cars, at 13:40. We die there at Ironville, and as we sat we see the Q13202, at 14:00, come bye with UP 6658, & CSXT 7890, and 94 loads, 2 empties ( long count), with 163 containers.

As I sit here right now typing this my train is finally pulling into the yard at 16:45.

OHHHH what fun!!!

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:39 pm
by patrick

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:15 pm
by redside20
sounds like a flurry of activity within a few square miles

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:24 pm
by ~Z~
15 hours to go between detroit and toledo... what a way they work the railroad

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 10:46 pm
by sd70accsxt700
If you like that wait for a couple of hours and I will have 4 done, you will really like that one.