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Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 9:46 am
by sd70accsxt700

On the road again. Just cant wait to be on the road again. I love beating up boxcars with my friends. Oh I just cant wait to be on the road again.
Thanks Willie.

Called for R27227, at 02:30, with CSXT 2524 & HLCX 9015, for 24 loads, and 16 empties, 12(long count) of witch are internodal cars for the CP, with a tonnage of 2610, and 4127 feet. After getting all our paperwork and stuff, we get on board the train at Crandel Rd. on #2 main, and pull up to fuel, and change batteries in the EOT. While we were sitting I note the following at 03:30. On #1 main is the N95427, with BNSF 5793 (Oh my god its way to early in the morning to be swooshed, OH the humanity of it all) & 7661 with 119 cars (it wasn't until aproxmitly 8:30, that this train actually had a crew, and moved), along with the CSXT 2328 & 6421, on Y15127, waiting for crew to take it to Rossford yard.

Well we are finally refueled and heading north for a departure time of 04:26, and promptly pull up to Vickers to stop at 4:36. The first train we see, is a westbound mixed freight, with a 8-44CW, and a GP59, with 15 auto racks. Next at 04:40, we have the 20T, with 97?2, and a (oh my goodness) 8-44CW, with 64 loads, and 3 empties(long count). Then much to our suprise NOT, another NS train, this time a eastbound(I know this train just cant rember the symbol, it starts out of Detroit, with steel, salt cars and auto parts, along with some other junk), it has a 9-44CW, SD50/60, and a 9-44CW, with 128 cars.

Next up at 4:58, is 21Z with a 9-44CW, and 66 platforms (long count). Then what we have finally been waiting for, Amtk 29 the Capitol Limited, with 2 P42's, 1 baggage, 8 Superliners, then a suprise, 4 Stainless Steel Fluted side passenger cars with the one on the bottom being a rounded end observation, with dome, and then 4 express track reefers. We depart Vickers and head north at 5:25, and at Huffman Rd, we pass the Y30127, with CSXT 6025 pulling the AA interchange of 11 mixed, and 7 auto racks.

On to New Boston, where we arive at 07:20 and setoff 17 loads, 16 empties, for 2079 tons, and 3103 feet, and leave with 7 loads, for 531 tons, and 906 feet. Now comes the "new" experimental part, where we have to pick up a RIP in Plymouth and take it to Detroit, because there is no longer a D735/736, from Saginaw. We arive at East yard Plymouth at 8:50, to pick up 1 empty auto rack on the rear of the train(bad ordered because the draw has/ or had been riped out) for 35 tons, and 89 feet. But before we could do that the dispatcher had to run some trains. At 09:25, the K38527, passes eastbound, with CSXT 7522 & 8408, with 92 cars. Next up is the Q32128, with CSXT 8789 & UP 4678, with 64 cars, at 09:50,. And finally the X50127, with CP 9513, 42 brand new (all numbers were there, but not in order) WMAX gons( these were small cars, looked to be about 45' with fairly low side, but seemed to ride hi) then 16 loads and 1 empty(long count) platforms, 20 mixed, and then 20 more platforms. We depart Plymouth at 10:30, and arive at Rouge, at 11:08.


Called for Q23129, at 01:00, with BNSF 4789 & 4799, with 59 auto racks, for 4321 tons, and 5693 feet. The train had been built, and pulled out on the hill, so they had room in the yard for inbound trains, so we got on the power and headed out of the yard, at 01:45. We stooped at the Michigan Ave. Connection, at 01:00


Yes I did say 01:00. Hope you rembered to set your clocks back!!!!!! :lol:

At 01:12 the X50229, came off the connection, with SOO 6009 & 6040, with 6 mixed, and 68 (long count) loaded platforms, with 173 containers. We follow him out to P Company Jct, at 01:22, and tie on to the train to do our brake test. We depart at 01:52, and arive Walbridge at .............

Just kidding (almost tough). At 03:10 we pass the Q22529, with CSXT 7766 & 7529, working in the TDSI yard in New Boston, making there pickup. At Erie, MI, we meet the northbound S39230, with NS 9269 & BNSF 5757, and 112 cars. We stop at Sterns Rd. and wait. Then at 04:20, we see the Q27229, with FURX 3036 & HLCX 6301, with 33 auto racks. We are called down at 04:25, and pull to a stop at Vickers at 05:10, to watch some more NS trains, (WOW watching trains while working on them who knew). At 5:18, we see a westbound mixed freight, with 3 units, and then at 05:26, suprise suprise, Amtk 49 , the Lake Shore Limited, with 2 more P42's 1 baggage car and 10 passenger cars. We get the light to head south at 05:35, and pass K38528, at Dry Creek, with HLCX 7176 & 6334. We pull to a stop at White & Ford Rd's. just past Bates, and head for home.

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 11:47 am
by Eric Berger
Not a bad day's work :)

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 11:15 pm
by JustinB
Hey there Matt, If your ever going through livonia, inbetween Farmington and Merriman road theres a sidding on the south side of the tracks right passed merriman road theres a picknic table next to a building in between 2 signal bridges, i live a block away and railfan here daily, great place to railfan due to singals in both directions visable. You should see me and my girlfriend out there. Later


Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 11:26 pm
by sd70accsxt700
Did you happen to know a guy named John Quimley, he lived just around the corner from Merriman Rd., on the road that runs along the church, in front of the Ford dealer, off of Plymouth Rd. just to the west of Merriman. Alas my friend dicided that he didnt like me any more (just a joke) and he moved last month. I go by there all the time, cant name a specific time usualy if its not in the middle of the night I will give a heads up in the shoutbox on the main paige, as to what train I will be on. In between Stark and Middlebelt along the third rail, at the picknic tabel? I will look for the table, I rember one but cant place it off hand right now. When ever I would get held at Stark for a Stop signal, if the train was short enough, I would stop at the Merriman Rd. over pass in front of Kirk's (?) kitchen and bath.

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 12:07 am
by JustinB
Yup right there is were im at im not sure of the building, but theres a picknic table next to the building on the SE side of the bridge for merriman road. Whats that southern track called BTW and i also noticed a small yard down east by the eb sig bridge

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 11:18 am
by sd70accsxt700
In between Stark and Middlebelt along the third rail
That track on the south side is the third rail, it runs all the way from Haggerty Rd. in Plymouth to almost Outer Drive. It used to run all the way from Plymouth to the yard in Rouge, to service all the local industries, to stay off the mainline. The yard to the east is Middelbelt, it was used to service the old produce? house there, and most recently to load autoracks. The yard to the west at the road, is Allied yard, last it was used to hold cars for Home Depot, before they moved. Just a side note, there is a track just to the east, next to the old Home Depot track, that they have verry recently tore up and now have relaid fresth roadbed donw in prepration for new track.

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:46 pm
by JustinB
One more question.... How far am i from P Company Junction....

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 3:59 pm
by sd70accsxt700
The signals at Stark, are MP20, P Company Jct, is MP 8.5 (actual 8.7 just looked it up) aproxmitly. So 12.5 rail miles.

Mabey you can answer a question for me! There is a ballpark, and walking path (not sure what else) along the tracks to the east, and just past Inkster Rd., across from the DD at 16.4.

Do you happen to know during the spring/summer/fall, what nights they play ball. The park is right up to the tracks (so close that a good home run will end up on the third rail), and the way it is lit up with the spotlights, I would make a awEsome night shot, with them playing ball, and the train in the background, and it should not need any filler lights along the tracks as the light reaches all the way across #1 main.

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:22 pm
by JustinB
Um im not sure, but i can for sure figure out.... i wasent even aware ofthat place, i just moved here from Ypsilanti.... this is my girlfriends house out here so yea, Heard alot of trains last night sounded busy.