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Trip #2

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 11:36 am
by sd70accsxt700

Called at 12:05, for the Q13126, with UP 4677 & 9418, with (hum forgot to write down how many cars we had) I think 15 loads, for 1870 tons, and 2609 feet. We boarded the train at 13:20 at Stanley Tower, after having to wait for it for a hour, as it was only at Findlay, Oh when we went on duity. While sitting at Stanley tower, we seen the Y11526, with CSXT 2683 & 6052, with 4 cars leave ahead of us at 13:36. We departed Stanley tower at 14:05.

We arrive at Dry Creek at 14:15. (Wow long move of one mile, heck if I would have known that I would have went home and had a yard job pull it up in front of the house, and I would have sat home for another couple of hours) At 14:40, the G91025, came past with CSXT 7495, and GCFX 3076 with 61 cars. We departed at 14:56, and ZOOMED across Vickers with out so much as a blink, and meet Z24126, with IC (in CN paint) 6254 & GTW (in CN paint) 5955, with 71 cars for Walbridge.

On word we move, and at Ironville we pass the consist of the week. It is the Q33426, with CSXT 7128 & GTW (in blue and red) 5933, with 87 cars headed to Stanley yard, at 15:10. Up next sitting in the docks, is the W06221, with CSXT 2208, 6408, & 2689, with 53 ballast cars. We get stopped at Ottawa River, at 15:25, behind the Q30426. While we were sitting there, and I was taking photos we see the AA 7791, switching 13 auto racks. And at 16:35, we are passed by the Y11426, on board the dead Q33426, with HLCX 7203 & GCFX 3076, with 123 cars.

Up next to pass us is the N95422, with BNSF 6876 ( in SF blue and yellow) & 9970, with 119 empties. We depart at 17:00. At Stoney Creek just south of Carleton, we see the Q30526, with CSXT 8334 & 8574, with 59 cars. We arrive at Carleton at 18:00, and wait 15 minuets for our blocks to head up the Lincoln Secondary, behind Q30426. At MP 127, we stop and sit from 18:40 until 19:35, while the Q304 waits for permission to pass the holdout, (the holdout is where we stop along side the old PRR Lincoln yard, until the NS bridge, Delray and the CR can handel us). We leave MP 127, and head for the holdout were we stop at 19:50.

At 21:20, we are called past the holdout, and head for Livernois yard. On the way we see the NS 2359, switching the Tri level docks at Oakwood yard, in remote mode.(this was very unusual, as this job always has a hi hooded GP38-2). As we pull past Delray, at 21:48, a NS southbound with NS 9312, 18 autoracks, and 28 double stacks. We arive and put the train away at 22:10.


Called at 16:30, for the Q22427, out of Wixom, with CSXT 2772 & 8209, with 21 auto racks, for 1666 tons, and 2099 feet. We depart at 19:25, and run right down to Wayne to pickup up more cars. We arrive at Wayne, to see brand new GEVO 5278(I think, in all the awe I forgot to right down the loco number). The D71427, with CSXT 2633, pulled out and handed us 11 loads, 7 racks and 4 empty frame flats, for 705 tons, and 1034 feet for a total of 32 loads, 2371 tons, and 3133 feet.

We depart Wayne at 20:30, and head south. At Wick rd, we pass the working D738, with a CSXT GP38-2, ( until I just started writing this, I forgot that we even passed him). and ? cars. Next up was the Q28727, at New Boston, just leaving, at 20:45, with BNSF 5212, CSXT 8808 & 8123, with about 30 auto racks(you tend to forgot things when you are tired, as when I was doing traces back in the bull pen, I wrote down how many he had coming into New Boston). At 20:55, we pass the G94322, at Sibley Rd. pulling up behind the now leaving Q28727, with CSXT 8784, with 65 cars.

We stop at Sterns Rd. at 21:52, and at 23:02, we are passed by the Q13127, heading into Wallyworld ahead of us, with (oh what a suprise) UP 4677 & 9418, with 68 loads, and 6 empties(long count) with 97 containers. Up next we are passed by the northbound Q22024, with HLCX 6334 & 7176(both in CSX blue) with 69 empties, at 23:38. At 23:50 we are called down to Alexis and into town. At Ottawa River, we pass the waiting N94626, with NS 9143 & 8861,with 94 cars, at 00:02. As we pass the Boullvard yard, we pass the Y32127, sitting in the yard, with CSXT 4434, with one covered hopper and cab CSXT 900055, at 00:04.

At 00:12, and the Lower River Bridge, we pass the Q28927, with CSXT 733, and 7 loads, and 64 empties. At Seaman, now 00:36, we pass the Z24727, on the way back to Lang yard, with CN 5335, and ? cars(stupid brain). Pickel Rd. at 00:52, we pass the Q15127, with CSXT 8845 & HLCX 6502, with 109 loads, and 5 empties(long count) with 136 containers. We stop at Vickers to watch a couple of NS trains.

First up is the 21M, with a 8-40CW, and a ?, followed by a 8-44CW, at 01:00. Then it was my favorite passenger train(can anyone guess why) Amtk 30, with 2 P42's , one baggage, 8 Superliners, and 4 Expresstrack reefers,(no not the ones you smoke)., at 01:10. We leave Vickers at 01:12, and arive at Walbridge at 01:30.

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:32 am
by redside20
I always thought Q131 was a westbound. It is often referred to as the NAFTA Express

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:31 am
by sd70accsxt700
Q131/132, is a north south, Q131 south Q130 north