Trip #1

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Trip #1

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Called for Q28723, at 15:45 out of Walbridge to head to Detroit. This is the train CSXT 7728 & 7789, 10 Loads 45 Empties, 3165 Tons, and 5220 Feet. We boarded the train around 16:15, and seen the following, (unknown to me that I would see both of them later) N90220, with CSXT 775 & 758, with 95 cars, 13,454 Tons, and 5347 Feet, sitting in D yard at Crandel Rd. Up on the hump receiving, was N95422, with BNSF 8914 & 1079, with 119 cars, 16910 Tons, and 6466 Feet. Also as we were waiting, the Y15123, with CSXT 8577, pulled Q33523, up the hump and into the receiving yard. As I found out later this was not his whole train.

We departed at 16:45, and headed north passing a yard job with a YN3 GP38-2, waiting at Dry Creek to head north behind us. We arrived at Vickers at 16:56, and watched a westbound NS with a SD40-2(low nose) and a GP38-2(hi nose), head across the diamond. Sitting in the pass at CP 285, was a NS Coke train with a NS(ex-CR) 8-40CW, and a NS 8-44CW. We departed Vickers at 17:06, and was passed immediately by Q30523, with CSXT 8594 & 8023, with 40 Loads, 38 Empties, 6270 Tons, and 4924 Feet. We got stopped at Lower River Bridge at 17:20, and we were passed the Z24723, with CN 2646, GCFX 6068, & CN 5667, with 103 Loads, and 5 Empties for 13520 Tons, and 6292 Feet. Left Lower River Bridge, at 17:38.

Next up at Albain Rd., was the E85022, at 18:14, with CSXT 287 & 250, 119 cars 2617 Tons, and 6453 Feet. We came to a stop at Carleton, at 18:35, and waited for the mess to clear. Q21623, came by at 18:38, with CSXT 8594 & 8120, with 98 Loads, 12 Empties (63 of the loads were autoracks on the head end), 9394 Tons, and 7198 Feet. Then at 19:04, the Q33423 came south on track #1, as he was running around the R272, and the Q290 working at New Boston, on #2 track. He had the CSXT 8105, 8030, & HLCX 7183, with 38 Loads, 34 Empties, 5852 Tons, and 4440 Feet. By this time the N90220, had caught up behind us.

At 19:18, we got the signal to head north on #1 track and on the way passed the Q29023, (with a Saginaw crew, who was supposed to take a grain train south, but instead ran light all the way to Plymouth pick up a auto part car, and then head for New Boston to pick up auto racks, all because no one wanted to work this weekend in Walbridge) with CSXT 8610 & CEFX 3140, 52 Loads, 3774 Tons, and 4795 Feet. We stopped at S. Huron River Rd., as we were supposed to cross from #1 to #2 at Sibley Rd., but TDSI, had to clear off tracks for R272 to make there setoff, and they were over 8000 feet long, and we could fit behind them with out blocking a bunch of stuff.

Finally at 20:34, we pulled north behind the R272, to wait for them to finish there work, and at this time learned that we would be turning back on Q28723, with Q24523's cars, once again because they had no one to work and bring it back to Walbridge. At 21:04 the N90220, came blasting by on #1 track heading north. As R272 was finishing there work we finally came to a stop at Eureka Rd. and waited for them to finish there work, at 20:55. We started to make our setoff at 22:40, and then headed south at 23:20, to start our pick up to head back to Walbridge.

At 00:16, as we were working, the Q39223, with UP 9402 & CSXT 9000 passed us going north with 32 Loads, 88 Empties, for 9636 Tons, and 7222 Feet. They had 8 cars for Plymouth to set off, but as the Bright Intelligent people in Stanley yard, put them on the rear end of the train that did not happen. At 00:34, the N95422 came past. We departed New Boston, at 00:45, and passed the Q33523, at Waltz, with CSXT 8577 & HLCX 9038, with 37 Loads, 46 Empties, for 5494 Tons, and 4880 Feet.

In Monroe we meet the Q13223, with UP 4889 & 4405, with 17(short count) platforms, and 54 Containers, for 1631 Tons, and 2511 Feet. On the approach to Sterns Rd. we pass the K38223, at Wood Rd. with CSXT 8446 & 8162, at 01:44. We stooped at Sterns Rd. at 02:02, and leave at 02:48, with 53 min. left. As we turn the corner towards GTW crossing we have a Approach Slow, meaning the LRB (Lower River Bridge) is open, and to stop there to keep the natives from becoming angry with blocking there crossings. Well in a couple of minuets, the BX says to come south slowly and talk to him when we get to the bridge, so off we go 10 MPH all the way down to the bridge, around the corner and by golly the bridge is open.

Stop at LRB at 3:20, and watch the CSL (Canadian Steam Ship lines) Laurentien head through the bridge with a tug on the head and one on the rear. Well called the BX and said we are here, and his response was "Is there a boat there", well mater of fact there is. "As soon as the bridge closes I hope to get you down to Millard Ave.", and my response was "Well hope the bridge don't get stuck, cauze we ant in a good place to make a crew change if we die". (We are 700' from the closest road, and up on a fill). Well at 03:38 the bridge closes, and our selves and the Y20223, with a CSXT GP38-2 head south across the bridge, and we pull to a stop at MI Cabin, as we die, and the Y202 heads into the docks. As we are getting off the loco, we hear Walbridge telling some yard job,to hurry up and get in a van. because the Q287 died on the LRB, and it needs to be moved NOW!.

Well that is it for another exciting edition of how bad can CSX mess things up. Tune in next time when we here BX say"The bridge is stuck open."

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awesome report here matt...thanks for such a detailed report like this... i would say i can't believe they run you guys like that, but i can...
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Great report!
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Its not the first time CSX has died on the bridge, and it definitely won't be the last

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