Scooters Stryker OH. maybe the sun will shine 10-22-05

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Scooters Stryker OH. maybe the sun will shine 10-22-05

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Well we get to Stryker first up is
NS S80 8:14 am. DETX coal loads
UP 8171 UP5917
as you can see its still a little dark and cloudy oh well.
NS I42 an extra 242 at 8:25 NS 8460
Still no sun
Well run to Archabold we get NS 24Z NS 9464 NS 9742
Well you can see some patches of blue sky but still no sun
Start heading back to Stryker we get NS 206 NS 6587 NS 2558
NS 38E at Stryker UP 9698 NS 6564 NS 8975
Well the sun comes out for the next shot of 20W NS 9449 NS 8648.

Did you like it? I did too but I blew the shot.
NS 20K is up next NS 2528 NS 8448
I think this is the best shot of the day
What do you think?
Finally we get a westbound NS 21G the sun is shinning but thats no good for a westbound now is it? My camera didnt think so either as I cut the front of the engine off. NS 9628 NS 6570 NS 5121
Well after 45 minutes of sun we get NS 418 UP 7168 UP 7207
Did you notice what came with the train? Yep the clouds
NS 616 is our next victim BNSF 9492 BNSF 9497
Well Toledo west dispatch puts the last 2 trains in the hole so he can run some mail trains and such and Toledo is pluged so we head to Pettisville to get the BNSF 9492 as the sun has appeared again.
NS 616 at Pettisville
Did you notice the sun is shinning? Did you see where he came to a stop?
The only Shadow he could find.
We head further east to get some pics of NS 418 again.
NS 20E rus by the 616 NS 8341 NS 3315 NS 9650
Well our second westbound of the day is 17J NS 6177 NS 9956
I try to get fancy with this shot
Ok I know no more getting fancy that sucked!
Well at Wauseon we get 24M NS 6754 BNSF 5485
23M NS 9380 NS 6775
Did you notice the sun came out?
I did too so we decide to head home. Dont want to wreck a perfect day.
Well I had fun hope you did too till next trip enjoy life and be safe.
And remember when the weatherman says its going to be cloudy and rainy he is normally lying. But the train gods love a laugh so they will torment you all day untill you give up.

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