Grand Rapids 10/21/05 (w/ photos)

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Grand Rapids 10/21/05 (w/ photos)

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Headed out for a quick day around GR. Was driving down Market St when I heard an X50? clear Jenison..i thought SHOOT! as it was going away. Drove over to Wyoming Yard near Judd St when i hear the scanner pipe up again with X502 east clear Grandville. Ah ha! Not a westbound as thought, but eastbound instead. Book it down Chicago Dr and catch this: SOO 6047 & SOO 6009 on X502.

After a brief stop at Wyoming Yard, X502 heads east out of the yard. Headed down to Buchanan St...had to wait a while...X502 pulled up to Plaster Creek and the dispatchers were changing shifts.. Gordon got on and let them go, then got clearance through the flagman near Grandville Rd.

Headed back to the yard, and saw CSX 8407 & CEFX 3132 double up their train on Q326 at Judd St.

Went to Taco Bell, then went out for a while with my woman getting pictures of the fall color. After dropping her back off at her car, headed toward the yard again. Before getting there though, a West Olive coal train headed out and was already clear of Grandville...light was almost gone and there was no way to catch him, so home I went.
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