A cloudy day in Northern Ohio & Indian

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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A cloudy day in Northern Ohio & Indian

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Clouds don't stop trains from running.
Started the day arriving at Butler at about 7:45.
Didn't have to wait long. the first four trains I have no pictures for.
7:53 W.B. frieght no symbol he was running stelth PRR 5444 NS 6609
8:01 32T CP run through CEFX 1008
8:07 NS 24K NS 9337 & NS 8783
My first photo op was 11K meeting 206, 206 got there first blocking 11K
8:20 NS 206 NS 9193 & NS 9191
8:20 NS 11K NS ????(Primer) & NS 9835?

After that quick spurt I decided to head down to the CSX. At CR 75 bridge I caught two west bound frieghts.
8:45 W.B. frieght CSXT 8770, CSXT 8317,& CSXT 15??

8:58 W.B. frieght CSXT 8467 & CSXT 7722

On my way back to the Chicago Line I shoot the local is switching out SDI.

I here Q390 & Q396 clear St. Joe so I know I missed them. Just kept heading back to Butler. As soon as i get back an NS West bound frieght clears MP 358.
9:40 W.B. frieght NS 8601 & BNSF 4747

10:00 NS 35N takes the turn south w/ PRR 8373 & NS 7066

10:10 NS 21A follows w/ NS 9819 & NS ????

10:30 Amtrak 49 w/ loco Amtrk 66 heads West

I decide to head to Edgerton where I can just sit & relax.
(relax yea right)
10:38 NS 20K NS ???? NS 2553

10:40 NS B43 NS 5074

11:07 NS 24M NS 9767 NS ????

11:17 NS 23Z PRR 6745 & NS 9903

11:38 NS 23N NS 9154 & NS ????

11:40 NS B43 NS 5074 returns to Bryan

11:45 NS 21T NS 9691 & NS ????

After an hour drought the flood gates re-open
12:40 NS 20A NS 9716 & NS 26??

12:48 NS 17M NS ???? NS ???? UP ????
Camera unfocused just as I was about to snap the photo
1:12 NS 27V NS 2646

1:28 TCRG 310 rail grinder

1:30 NS 17J NS 7068 & NS ???? (Primer)

1:45 NS 16N NS ????, NS ????, PRR ????, & NJ Transit

1:49 NS 16E NS 9964 & Rent-a-wreck

Only had one shot left and heard the road railer heading up the Wabash so I decided to try and catch him(yea right). Ended up in Montpilier where I shot a side by side(not moving) dont have # yet cause it was a jump out, shoot, & leave.

Last train I saw was NS 191 crossing US127 with two NS Locos to far to catch #s.
I know that I have missed a few locomotive #s but its pretty difficult taking a picture than catching the # at 70mph.
Though it was cloudy the amount of trains made up for it. Will have pictures as soon as funds allow (if ya know what I mean). Hope you enjoy.


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CSXT 8770======Q51321

CSXT 8467======Q38920

If I am rembering where St. Joe is(west of ? I know it is farther than Defiance, OH) it couldent have been Q396. Q396 is Toledo Stanley to Willard

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Saint Joe is just west of State line where the NS huntington district [Wabash line] crosses the CSX line. Just west of Hicksville

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