Fostoria 8-16-05

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.

Fostoria 8-16-05

Unread postby Railnut » Sat Aug 27, 2005 10:58 pm

A little late, but hear it goes...

Andrew Hanselman, Charles W, and myself, at the last minute, decided
we were going to Fostoria.... We departed andrews house at..around 6:30am...
We saw our first train at Delray(from 75), with GTW(CN painted) SD40-2@ 5931 leading SD40-3# 5954, southbound.
We saw CN SD40-3# 5954, and 5941 at the Yard along 75 in Toledo(I belive it is CN's Lang this correct??)

Also in that yard were 2 CSX SD70Aces, backing to get a long string of coal gons.

We then spotted a train eastbound at a small community(cant ever remember the name of the town..but US-23 used an overpass to get over the CSX line). It was waiting for a westbound(which we didn't see). It had UP SD70M# 3871 on the point.

We then caught another train along US-23.. a soutbound CSX with CSX SD50# 8524 and SD40-2# 8122.

and now for the trains IN Fostoria(at the depot)....:
Eastbound CSX Auto train, with CSX SD40-2# 8802 and RCLX GE# 8570

Eastbound CSX with CN C40-8W's 7304 & 7501(7304 still in CR paint)

Eastbound DTE coal train with UP's7274(GE), 5933(AC44CCTE), and 5676(ES44AC)..went south on da C&O, anyone know why??

Eastbound NS coal train with NS SD40-2's 3299&694, and GP38-2# 5325.

Westbound CSX auto train with CSX SD40-2's 8324& 8859

Westbound NS intermodal with NS C40-9W's 9895& 8793

Westbound CSX Coal with BNSF SD70Mac# 9563, BNSF C-44CW# 5470, and BNSF SD70Mac# 9482.

CSX Intermodal with C40-8W#7780, and C40-8# 7641

Eastbound CSX with CSX SD40-2# 8005, FURX SD40-2# 3005, and UP SD70M# 4470

Eastbound CSX auto train with Up SD70M# 4492, and FURX SD40-2# 3015(it went up the C&O)

Another eastbound Auto train(this on was ALL loaded racks) withCSX SD40-2# 8113 and HLCX SD40-2# 8163(it also went up on the C&0, but stoped for about 7 mins, blocking town)

Eastbound NS with CSX C40-8W# 7689, and CSX SD40-2# 8208!

Westound NS(which met the eastbound at the C&O diamonds) with BNSF 9-44CW 4524m and NREX SD40-3# 7563(looked like it was a rebuilt SD45)

Then another westbound NS, with NS SD40-2# 3322, which blocked yet ANOTHER westbound NS from view..with has 2 GE's on it.

CSX westbound with UP SD70M# 3882, and HLCX SD40-2# 6218

CSX eastbound intermodal with UP SD70M# 4703, CSX C40-8W# 7809, and HLCX SD40-3(exSDP45) 5105

CSX eastbound with CSX GP38-2# 2760, UP AC44CCTW# 5986, and CSX GP40-2# 6098.

Westbound CSX(off the C&O) with AC4400CW's 748 and 658

Westbound NS with NS SD40-2's 3322& 3323

Eastbound CSX with CSX SD40-2# 8159, UP(?) SD40T-2# 8136, and UP MP15# 1018

Westbound NS Triple Crown with NS 8189(GE??)

Eastbound light engine movment with CSX B30-7# 5537

And westbound NS with NS SD70# 2502, and SD50(exCR)# 5418.

We then, accidentaly, came across the NS-C&O diamonds..and a Parking spot along the street, along the C&O..infront for tha scrap yard..which is to be razed so a viewing platform can be built for railfans to view the junction!!!!!

Hear, we caught a eastbound NS, saw am eastbound CSX cross in front of F tower, CSX 2659 drag some autoracks north, with another CSX northbound right behind it.

We then went up to view the NS yard and mixing center, pacing the LE&W grade.
We started out slow ride home..making it back around 11:30pm, I love Fostoria..just wish it was a little closer!!
Dave C
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Unread postby Scooterb » Sat Aug 27, 2005 11:04 pm

Nice report. Fostoria ROCKS!! was goining to go today until I saw it was going to rain. Maybe next week. If you have a scanner and need some symbols I have a pretty good list I can email to you, it can give you an idea where you want to be located for the different trains.
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Unread postby GreatLakesRailfan » Sun Aug 28, 2005 5:24 pm

Did I miss something? I thought you posted just about the exact same thing back on the 18th of August. Your report looks like the same copy as the one before as well. Did you forget something in the other one?
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