A lower michigan trip report.

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.

A lower michigan trip report.

Unread postby patrick » Wed Jun 08, 2005 3:11 pm

Well I got really bored and decided to go for a drive. Caught 2531 in bay city. Just missed a train..(I saw the last few cars) at blacmar siding, In saginaw I saw the HESR 3866 and 8905 heading east. In flint I caught the GTW 4910 and 4626. Then I drove through durand. nothing!....went to bancroft....NOTHING! so I went to lansing....caught a csxt east bound with a 7800...... and a cefx unit leading....numbers to follow....
nothing in ensel yard. Went to the NS saginaw yard and saw NS/Conrail 3057? also caught the 2408 and 5257 with a herzog ballest train heading east....I chased it back to trowbridge. At the cn yard I saw UP 6785, up 8020, and up/sp 6166. And GTW cab 76046. After that I got on 96 east and headed towards detroit. Never saw another train the entire night. I went into ohio just to say I had been there but couldn't stay since I had to go home and sleep to be to work the following morning. I am planning a trip this week to ohio though I am not sure when I'll be going. It'll be a one day trip and i'll have a full report and hopefully a set of pics soon afterwards. lata all.
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Unread postby RailCanon » Wed Jun 08, 2005 5:36 pm

Did you stop by Trowbridge while you were in the area?? How did you go to all those places AND Ohio in one day?? I wish I could do that, but I've got a few more years to go before I can drive around.
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