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Fostoria trip report

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:54 pm
by Railnut
from Michigan post, too tired to write it all again!

Well, after a 5am departure from Peck MI, Andrew Hanselman, myself and mr brother departed on the long, 4 hour trip to Fostoria OH!
Not long after fighting traffic on I-94, we sailed pass Delray in 75, with a southbound waiting, and a road railer crossing the diamond.
There was also a loco shoving over the Flat Rock hump. And there was a string of DTE coal gons at CN's Lang Yard?
After some driving, we got to Fostoria, in time to watch an eastbound CSX intermodal train come through, with UP SD70Ace# 5078, GSCX(?)# 7364(SD40-2), and UP SD70M's 4141,& 4100.
Soon, a CSX westbound freight came by, with CSX# 627(a GE), and HLCX SD40-2# 6158(exSP/DRGW SD40T-2).
We then had our first NS come through(Intermodal I belive), lead by NS 9771(GE-EMD..cant remember), UP GE Dash 8's 9085& 9304, and NS 8962(EMD-GE??).
It was being tailed by NS intermodal train# 301, lead by the 3329, with the 3328 and 3327(all NS SD40-2's)!
After a shot break, CSX sent us another eastbound, with CSX SD40-2# 8836, and HLCX SD40-2# 7188(I like the HLCX paint scheme..very clean).
We then had a westbound claw out of town with a single SD70(?), CSX # 8656.
We then had Another westbound, with CSX B40-8(?)# 7621, and CSX SD40-2# 8855.
Then a road train switched the yard, before heading south on the C&O(IIRC) with CSX SD50#8619 & CSX SD40-2# 8820.
We had yet another NS eastbound intermodal, lead by NS SD70Mac# 9831, and NS dash 8# 7147(exCR)
Then a CSX westbound came off the old C&O, and switched the big elevator west of town. It had CSX SD40-2# 8877, and CSX GE# 7339.
We had an NS local come by, lead by NS SD40-2#3727
About a hour later, a CSX eastbound came through with UP SD70Ace# 4169 and CSX GE# 9039.
It was paired with this CSX eastbound..with CSX SD40-2# 8418, and CSX GE's# 201&7890.
It was followed by another CSX eastbound, lead by CSX SD40-2's 8183 7 8130. The eastbound met a sperry rail truck and CSX hi-rail truck at the depot. After the 2 trucks cleared the track 1, CSX turned loos a westbound CSX intermodal, with UP SD70M's # 5069& 5060.
Then, after CSX "had time", NS threw a series of trains through.
We first had a westbound come through..with BNSF GE# 5192, and NS SD40-2#6111.
Then a set of eastbounds, the first lead by UP GE's# 9404& 9346. Then second was lead by NS# 9766 & UP 9086.
We left at 3pm(TOO HOT) with 3 NS's west of town(at Arcadia)..but we did catch a CSX southbound on the old C&O, with CSX GE# 7925, at the US 23 crossing north of town.
We saw some cars sitting around Toledo, but didn't catch anything till Emmett..when we caught an eastbound at West Emmett lead by CN C40-8M# 2428, and CN C44-9W# 2578.
Andf last but not least..We spotted a bunch of constuction equipment sitting ON the old CSX ROW(now owned my DTE) just south of Yale road in yale, with barrels and barracades sitting along the row..looks like thay are finaly replacing the Yale road crossing? I have also noticed that the old liquid fertilizer tank at the Roylster CLark complex is gone..and they DID replace ties on the main through yale!!
Dave C