46 Hours In Marion

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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46 Hours In Marion

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BL2-1843 and I spent three days at Marion Union Station last week down in Marion, Ohio. We arrived at 6:30am Wednesday morning, April 10 and stayed put for 36 straight hours until 6:30pm Thursday, evening April 11 without missing a train. We then crashed at a local motel out by US-23 and then was back at it again from 6:30am until 4:30pm on Friday, April 12 before heading back north to Michigan. In that time period we saw a total of 76 trains on CSX and 66 trains on NS for a grand total of 142 trains in 46 hours. On CSX we sighted a total of 132 locomotives of which 120 were CSX and the rest from other railroads. On NS we sighted a total of 120 locomotives of which 112 were from NS and the rest from other railroads. Grand total locomotives seen for the trip was 252. See below for the trains seen and for the video link:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2wOiZ ... PukFVJlqug

April 10th, 2019
Q261 Engs 3075csx-530csx by 7:01am W
NS304 Engs 9150ns-7572ns+6118ns by 7:15am S
Q262 Engs 256csx-8128csx by 7:53am E
Y121 Eng 2575csx+Cab21293 by 8:11am E
Q366 Engs 7csx-158csx by 8:12am E
NS178 Engs 1041ns-9199ns+dpu1103ns by 8:28am N
NS25N Engs 9308ns-9323ns by 8:49am N
H792 Eng 4233csx by 9:39am N
NS195 Engs 9600ns-7648ns by 9:45am N
Q637 Engs 5339csx-7858csx by 9:52am S
NS132 Engs 1141ns-8455up by 10:19am N
Q635 Engs 3025csx-2139cn by 10:20am S
L226 Engs 3169csx-dpu856csx by 10:47am E
Q008 Engs 3220csx-3297csx by 11:24am E
Q365 Engs 3247csx+454csx-488csx by 11:44am W
Q292 Engs 7727up-7411up+9544ns by 11:50am E
G018 Engs 828csx-423csx light by 12:02pm E
NS376 Engs 9658ns-3949up by 12:06pm N
W210 Engs 74csx-3271csx by 12:14pm S
NS272 Engs 9891ns-8093ns by 12:19pm S
NS17M Engs 9464ns-9726ns+1186ns by 12:25pm N
V644 Engs 120csx-3331csx by 12:26pm N
NS54E Engs 7698ns-9434ns+9336ns by 12:37pm S
Q364 Engs 3064csx-4027csx+dpu3042csx by 1:10pm E
NS375 Engs 7503ns-9633ns by 1:18pm S
NS29G Eng 2624ns by 1:26pm N
Q314 Engs 3354csx-143csx by 1:29pm S
NS218 Engs 8042ns-9659ns by 1:35pm S
NS234 Engs 4066ns-7653ns by 1:52pm S
G018 Engs 423csx-828csx by 3:02pm W
Q349 Engs 5376csx-5387csx+5228csx by 3:06pm W
H792 Eng 4233csx by 3:16pm S
NS578 Engs 1011ns-9573ns+2600ns by 4:07pm S
NS194 Engs 3666ns-1017ns+4165ns by 4:37pm S
NS861 Eng 7636ns by 4:50pm S
G797 Engs 423csx-828csx by 5:14pm S
NS423 Eng 9414ns by 5:14pm S
NS857 Engs 9340ns-6989ns by 5:19pm S
Q363 Engs 979csx-5360csx by 6:18pm W
Q634 Engs 7071bnsf-758bnsf+5236bnsf by 6:50pm N
NSL38 Eng 6118ns by 6:55pm N
K170 Engs 769csx-dpu720csx by 7:22pm W
NSI5N Eng 7538ns by 7:32pm N
Q348 Engs 965csx-453csx+75csx by 8:05pm E
Q254 Engs 347csx-5328csx by 8:32pm E
G650 Engs 8568csx-3370csx by 8:44pm S
NBCT Engs 5430csx-839csx+583csx by 8:46pm N
NS188 Engs 1041ns-9199ns+dpu1103ns by 8:48pm S
Q277 Engs 5406csx-137csx by 9:33pm W
NS233 Engs 1088ns-9200ns+1044ns by 9:45pm N
NS189 Engs 1020ns-9037ns by 10:06pm N
NS422 Engs 1036ns-2641ns by 10:32pm N
Q636 Engs 2139cn-3025csx by 11:19pm N
NS217 Engs 4037ns-9099ns by 11:19pm N
G752 Eng 3351csx by 11:29pm S
NS132 Engs 1115ns-1114ns+9356ns by 11:50pm N

April 11th, 2019
NS179 Engs 1141ns-8455up by 12:00am S
NS305 Engs 1160ns-9510ns by 1:02am N
NS117 Engs 1175ns-9343ns+8181ns by 1:04am S
Q216 Engs 5252csx-5474csx by 1:18am E
NS175 Engs 9658ns-3949up+9143ns by 1:24am S
NS26N Engs 7232ns-4059ns by 1:49am S
T601 Engs 304csx-171csx by 2:02am N
C799 Eng 351csx by 2:20am E
NS15Q Engs 9491ns by 3:03am N
NS178 Engs 4067ns-9814ns+dpu7529ns by 3:24am N
NS18M Engs 2638ns-8108ns+9103ns by 3:35am S
Q007 Engs 541csx-3120csx by 4:03am W
NS170 Engs 1086ns-9654ns by 4:35am N
NS25N Engs 9019ns-7270ns by 5:15am N
NS304 Engs 9408ns-9281ns by 5:22am S
V270 Engs 5347csx-5289csx+867csx by 5:45am N
NS24D Eng 7153bnsf by 5:47am S
Q349 Engs 904csx-41csx*2360csx-6960csx+dpu3340csx by 6:53am W
NSL39 Eng 6118ns by 7:07am S
NS862 Engs 3630ns-8179ns by 7:08am N
Q262 Engs 530csx-3075csx by 8:05am E
Q261 Engs 440csx-5246csx by 8:14am W
NS195 Engs 7229ns-8340ns by 8:56am N
Y121 Eng 2575csx+Cab21293 by 9:07am E
NS376 Engs 5457csx-499csx by 9:11am N
NS27V Engs 9876ns-9450ns+9507ns by 9:27am N
T632 Engs 35csx-3241csx by 9:37am N
Q217 Engs 319csx-5408csx by 9:58am W
V077 Eng 910csx by 10:14am W
Q637 Eng 3176csx by 10:24am S
NS132 Engs 7609up-5142up+6512up by 10:31am N
NS194 Engs 9763ns-8440ns by 10:38am S
Q292 Engs 242csx-7929csx by 10:51am E
Q008 Engs 3368csx-7832csx by 11:20am E
NS218 Engs 4090ns-9022ns by 11:30am S
T506 Engs 3140csx-83csx by 11:45am N
Q365 Engs 158csx-7csx by 12:27pm W
Q366 Engs 3215csx-dpu3197csx by 12:37pm E
U700 Engs 842csx-585csx+3057csx by 1:05pm W
NS272 Engs 7650ns-9916ns by 1:14pm S
NS170 Engs 9908ns-8088up*2609ns-6981ns by 1:17pm N
NS234 Engs 8126ns-3615ns by 1:44pm S
V672 Engs 942csx-5235csx+3148csx by 1:58pm N
SBWBCT Engs 724csx-210csx+5367csx by 2:46pm S-W
Q364 Engs 3245csx-5360csx+dpu979csx by 3:00pm E
L227 Engs 31csx-958csx by 3:08pm W
NS29G Eng 8976ns by 3:24pm N
T509 Engs 3377csx-5309csx by 3:45pm N
Q363 Engs 549csx-5445csx by 4:14pm W
NS117 Engs 1115ns-1114ns+2545ns by 4:36pm S
NS175 Engs 4067ns-9814ns+7529ns by 4:51pm S
NS179 Engs 9510ns-1160ns by 5:40pm S
Q635 Engs 3409csx-dpu3253csx by 5:50pm S
NS188 Engs 7329ns-9120ns+7229ns by 6:06pm S

April 12th, 2019
NS15Q Eng 9414ns by 7:02am N
NS27V Engs 9799ns-9233ns by 7:20am N
NS132 Engs 8329ns-7337ns+8992ns by 7:44am N
NS24D Eng 4122ns by 7:56am S
Q217 Engs 480csx-205csx by 8:10am W
Q365 Engs 3197csx-3215csx+6152csx by 8:32am W
Q292 Engs 5261csx-5487csx*6406csx-2200csx by 8:52am E
H792 Engs 6531csx-2782csx by 8:58am N
NS194 Engs 9150ns-7572ns by 9:05am S
Q637 Engs 5324csx-5270csx by 9:25am S
Q349 Engs 7156up-7495up by 10:00am W
NS178 Engs7502ns-9567ns+dpu4173ns by 10:26am N
NS51Z Engs8459ns-9649ns by 10:50am N
L226 Engs 3442csx-51csx by 11:04am E
Q216 Eng 7817csx by 11:33am E
NS851 Engs 8084ns-9233ns by 11:40am S
H792 Engs 2782csx-6531csx by 11:41am S
T506 Engs 3296csx-33csx by 11:51am N
NS272 Engs 9421ns-9170ns by 11:56am S
Q635 Engs 974csx-5482csx+dpu3086csx by 12:20pm S
Q008 Engs 3120csx-541csx by 12:41pm E
NS234 Engs 1044ns-3660ns by 12:56pm S
NS218 Engs 4037ns-9437ns by 1:31pm S
G681 Engs 3241csx-35csx*3331csx-120csx by 1:47pm S
K446 Engs 3052csx-9727cp by 2:04pm N
NS375 Engs 9366ns-2594ns by 2:08pm S
W210 Engs 7786csx-967csx by 2:23pm S
Q366 Engs 5445csx-549csx by 2:50pm E
Q263 Engs 4226csx-4083csx by 2:57pm W
Q363 Engs 5418csx-5274csx by 4:10pm W

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