Inside Michigan Central Depot

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.

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Re: Inside Michigan Central Depot

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Thanks much, ConrailDetroit, for taking the time to post these photos. Certainly, those directly connected to the restoration of this great edifice have their work cut out for them. I am looking forward to the end results, as a large part of my childhood was spent in that building. My maternal grandmother operated the news stand for many years during the 1960's and the great hall was a fantastic playground for us kids. No better place for a game of hide and seek, to be sure. When not running amuck in the cavern, my early railfan instincts were already taking shape. Exploring the immediate trackage, and stuffing a paper bag with the newest timetables from just about every railroad that was still running was a near weekly ritual. I still have them all...

Thanks again for sharing your work!

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Re: Inside Michigan Central Depot

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There was a Railway Express office in the rear of the depot. My dad drove me there in the spring of 1954, to pickup some bees, that were shipped from Louisiana. Railway Express carried just about anything. In the back room were cages of bees stacked to the ceiling, along with boxes of baby chicks, crickets, a couple puppies, flowers and lots of other stuff. Railway Express was the FedEx of it's time. And every passenger train had one or more REA cars on the head end.
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Re: Inside Michigan Central Depot

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Same here, CRD.
Man o' War wrote:Thanks again for sharing your work!

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