SME Railroad Video Series

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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SME Railroad Video Series

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Happy New Year Everyone!

And to commemorate the festive occasion, I am unleashing to the world small video clips from what is known as 'The Steve Michaels Experience Railroad Video Series'. Or in other words - my personal video collection dating back from 1998 with Volume #1 running up through 2017 with Volume #48. I an not uploading the full two hour DVD - but rather my favorite 30 minute clip from each video. At the present time only Vol #30 through Vol #48 and have uploaded to YouTube. The other 29 volumes will be added in the first quarter of 2018. If I get enough positive feedback - then I may release further clips in the future. Not sure yet of how I want to proceed with this.

You will find my video style to be quite different from most. I still utilize a full size RCA Camcorder with no tripod. In other words, I still video the old-fashioned way because as they say in the art world 'if it isn't baroque - then don't fix it'. Meaning someday I will invest in a new digital video camera when my 20 year old one decides to croak- but that day has not yet arrived. So yes, I video directly to cassette tape then get each two-hour tape digitized to DVD. I also make it a point to video up close and 'personal' with each train I video. My main intent is to follow the locomotive consist as it passes by me while making sure that each locomotive number is clearly visible. I have been watching other folks YouTube train videos for years now asking myself why other people video trains from so far away - or video them with a tripod without ever moving the camera a millimeter and paying no attention at all to the locomotives (numbers) as the train passes by them. I for one always make it a point to 'pan' and 'zoom' with the SMERV series, but that's just my style which is what I am now bringing to the table.

So with that being said - I bring forth some of my video collection for public viewing on this New Year's Day 2018. As Frank Sinatra once said 'I'll do it my way' and that is also my motto for my video collection. Please see the link below to access my YouTube page. And of course, feel free to comment on what you think. ... subscriber

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