A Cold (But Successful) Day Around Toledo! 12/9/2017

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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A Cold (But Successful) Day Around Toledo! 12/9/2017

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A C&O type of morning. CSX yard job Y110-09 stops at CP Turnpike at the south end of Walbridge Yard.
ImageThe C&O Lives On by Railfan1999, on Flickr

A high priority NS intermodal train races through the quaint village of Clay Center, OH.
ImageFull Throttle by Railfan1999, on Flickr

NS 25N dashes through the snow as it rounds the curve at Clay Center, OH.
ImageAround The Curve by Railfan1999, on Flickr

Two GE's work hard as they pull Q507-09's 211 cars south through the Lower River Bridge in Toledo, OH. This bridge was constructed in 1902 and is still used by CSX. This bridge used to be operated by the Toledo Terminal Railroad.
ImageThe Maumee River by Railfan1999, on Flickr

Detected in an area full of autoracks and new FCA products, the Ann Arbor Railroad's Ottawa Yard is home to different kinds of goodies. This yard is just shy of the Michigan border.
ImageGoodies Galore! by Railfan1999, on Flickr

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Re: A Cold (But Successful) Day Around Toledo! 12/9/2017

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Enjoyed your photos. What is that object mounted on the stanchion just above the left ditchlight on the 2368?
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