24 Hours In Marion

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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24 Hours In Marion

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BL2-1843 and I headed down to Marion early last Friday morning, July 21 where we spent from 6:30am through 7:00am Saturday morning, July 22. Parked at the depot for 24 hours straight without missing a thing. Recorded 76 trains during that time. On CSX we saw 37 trains and 75 locomotives while on the NS we saw 39 trains and 95 locomotives. NS seems to run 3 units on many of their trains down there while CSX typically keeps it at just 2.

Headed back up to Michigan early Saturday morning in the rain. Drove by the North Baltimore Intermodal Facility where we spotted 17 locomotives in the yard, then went over to Deshler where we saw 9 trains with 18 additional locomotives. From there, went up to Wauseon along the NS and picked up 10 more trains and 26 more locomotives.

Highlights of the trip for me were spotting 3 NS heritage units that I had never seen before. The Conrail, Interstate and the Reading which turned out fantastic on video leading westbound coaltrain 552 into the bright evening sun. Report below:

July 21st, 2017
NS961 Engs 9545ns-9613ns*2648ns-9932ns*9273ns-8507ns by 6:40am N
NS24D Eng 4371bnsf by 6:40am S
Q348 Engs 3401csx-8957up by 6:40am E-N
Q363 Engs 7802csx-463csx+6005csx by 7:22am W
NS178 Engs 9195ns-4047ns+9644ns by 7:37am N
NS863 Eng 4361up by 8:03am S
Q007 Engs 7702csx-49csx*4101kcs-4690kcs*3906kcs-4695kcs by 9:08am W
NS179 Engs 8057ns-8795ns (Front) 7622ns-7660ns (Rear) by 9:28am S
Y221 Eng 6558csx + Cab NYC 21293 by 9:35am E
NS770 Engs 4017ns-3635ns by 9:50am S
NS25N Engs 9763ns-6955ns by 10:51am N
Q263 Engs 3278csx-5240csx by 11:05am W
H792 Engs 4431csx+2235csx-6419csx by 11:10am N
NS376 Engs 6975ns-9585cp by 11:18am N
NS64M Engs 4254bnsf-8098conrail by 11:25am S
W955 Eng 9036csx by 12:21pm E
H792 Engs 6419csx-2235csx+4431csx by 12:30pm S
NS27V Engs 4027ns-9529ns by 12:39pm N
Y221 Eng 6558csx + Cab NYC 21293 by 12:48pm W
NS304 Engs 6987ns+4667ns-624ns-3573ns by 12:58pm S
NS422 Engs 5324bnsf-9947ns by 1:04pm N
W955 Eng 9036csx by 1:14pm W
Q364 Engs 71csx-506csx by 1:30pm E
NS188 Engs 6967ns-8359ns by 1:47pm S
C799 Eng 2772csx by 2:00pm E
NS234 Engs 9224ns-7678ns+9293ns by 2:12pm S
NS218 Engs 9880ns-8105interstate+9726ns by 2:35pm S
Q508 Engs 259csx-964csx by 3:20pm N
NS180 Engs 9571ns-9424ns+7562ns by 3:30pm N
Q261 Engs 7746csx-5343csx by 3:48pm W
Q217 Engs 7773csx-489csx by 4:05pm W
NS29D Eng 7617ns by 4:10pm N
NS18M Engs 7258ns-8802ns+38prt by 4:27pm S
NSM95 Engs 1145ns-1108ns by 4:28pm N
NS178 Engs 6925ns-9121ns+8952ns by 5:27pm N
NS194 Engs 4637up-4517up by 5:50pm S
NS746 Engs 9812ns-8415ns+9520ns by 6:08pm S
NS175 Engs 9788ns+2594ns-2597ns by 7:10pm S
Q109 Engs 12csx-5108csx by 7:21pm W
C799 Eng 2772csx by 7:32pm W
NSL39 Eng 3460ns by 7:44pm N
Q635 Engs 3389csx-3320csx by 7:49pm S
NS195 Engs 1103ns-4045ns+8137ns by 8:15pm N
Q235 Engs 3334csx-9639ns+2513csx by 8:33pm W
Q008 Engs 3084csx-3212csx by 8:37pm E
Q254 Engs 4722csx-4064csx by 8:55pm E
NS854 Engs 7533ns-8059ns by 9:02pm N
NS170 Engs 1055ns-8372ns by 9:15pm N
NS179 Engs 9195ns+4047ns-9644ns by 9:25pm S
H797 Engs 8048csx-8887csx+3362csx by 9:27pm N
Q634 Engs 7811csx-113csx by 11:17pm N
NS169 Engs 9142ns-4040up by 11:37pm S

July 22nd, 2017
U700 Engs 309csx-880csx by 12:06am E
Q106 Engs 4837kcsx-4166kcs by 12:17am E
Q366-20 Engs 425csx-8040csx by 12:57am E
Q348 Engs 5225csx-4421csx*604bnsf-2315csx-6900csx by 1:00am E-N
Q277 Engs 5354csx-4229csx by 1:15am W
NS217 Engs 2623ns-5137up+9508ns by 1:25am N
Q509 Engs 7906csx-8619csx by 1:27am S
NS305 Engs 6160ns-5818ns*6343ns-6951ns by 1:49am N
NS740 Engs 9318ns-1113ns+8382ns by 2:02am S
Q366-21 Engs 114csx-62csx by 2:28am E
S365 Engs 7836up-4744up by 2:49am W
Q349 Engs 513csx-5227csx by 3:18am S-W
NS233 Engs 7277ns-7213ns+1021ns by 3:22am N
W275 Engs 3034csx-7856csx by 3:26am N
NSCoal Eng 9690ns by 3:30am S
Q109 Engs 5108csx-12csx by 3:50am E
M7N Engs 4023ns-9927ns*9076ns-5489up by 4:45am N
Q364 Engs 8140up-6146up*2771csx-537csx*481csx-1009csx-2440csx by 5:22am E
NS24D Eng 6949bnsf by 5:53am S
NSCoal Engs 8182csx-7707ns by 6:04am N
Q007 Engs 797csx-992csx by 6:36am W
NSCoal Engs 4354up-778csx+9013up by 6:51am N
H797 Engs 3362csx+8887csx-8048csx by 6:51am S
NS24N Engs 4294up-9326ns by 6:58am S

Seen at the North Baltimore, Ohio Intermodal Facility:
CSXT: 45,448,723,740,764,766,924,2686,3318,3435,4005,5113,5300,7840,8305,8423
BNSF: 7589

Seen In Deshler, Ohio Today:
Q148 Engs 5259csx-507csx by 10:18am E
K426 Engs 817csx-3350csx by 10:37am N-W
Q143 Engs 145csx+339csx-5266csx by 10:42am W-S
Q342 Engs 7691csx-736csx by 11:02am N-E
K182 Engs 3031csx-8864csx by 11:05am W
Q200 Eng 4553csx by 11:20am E
Q272 Engs 437csx-4804csx by 12:28pm N-E
Q163 Engs 257csx-485csx by 12:32pm W
E492 Engs 3352csx-835csx by 12:42pm E

Seen In Wauseon, Ohio Today:
NSCoal Engs 1056ns-2711ns+1153ns by 2:08pm E
NSFrt Engs 4354up-778csx+9013up by 2:10pm W
NS854 Engs 7533ns-8059ns by 3:02pm W
NS205 Engs 2576ns-9973ns by 3:12pm W
NSDS Engs 1133ns-9708ns+9744ns by 3:28pm W
NSTOFC Engs 9717ns-6928ns+1040ns by 3:39pm W
NS23K Engs 7634ns-1095ns+8345ns by 4:35pm W
NS309 Engs 9536ns-9851ns+9452ns by 4:58pm W
NSDS Eng 8892ns by 5:25pm E
NS552 Engs 1067reading-9212ns+2646ns by 5:55pm W
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Re: 24 Hours In Marion

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W___ Engs 3034csx-7856csx by 3:26am N
Was W27521 - called Empty Sand Bendwood WV to Utica IL.

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Re: 24 Hours In Marion

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Thanks! Was curious as to who that was.

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