A Quick Visit to Durand Yesterday

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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A Quick Visit to Durand Yesterday

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On may way back home from Flint yesterday afternoon sometime between 3:30 and 4, I went out to Durand just to see if anything was around real quick. I quickly saw that there was a clear signal for an eastbound on the Flint Sub, and 502 was switching the yard, with GTW 5936 being the trailing unit. I went to the depot, and it was less than ten minutes before the eastbound rolled through.

The ATCS Monitor in the window showed another eastbound was lined up to Clara just west of the depot, however it was 502's turn since the 2nd eastbound was still a ways away. 502 came out of the yard with a healthy cut of cars, and back up as usual to connect to the rest of it's train. Due to the long cut of cars from the yard, the power was still within view of the depot when it came up to the rest of the train. After coupling, it backed up some more so it could clear the crossover, as it was on Track 1 and needed to use the Clara crossover to get on Track 2 to use the Chicago Wye. A short time later, signals were lined up for them, and 502 proceeded south down the Holly Sub with it's complete train.

At this point the next eastbound had cleared Shaftsburg and was quickly approaching. When it came through, it revealed itself as M398, recognizable from the DPU in the middle of the train.

The area become thoroughly dead afterwords, but the short time I was there made for a nice impromptu visit to see what ended up being three trains and the nice surprise of GTW 5936.

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Re: A Quick Visit to Durand Yesterday

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Thanks strain. Like you I like watching Durand Yard get worked by the road trains
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