Four Days In Marion, Greenwich and Fostoria

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Four Days In Marion, Greenwich and Fostoria

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BL2-1843 and I made another one of our marathon trips this past week. Spent four days in northern Ohio documenting CSX and NS operations in Marion , Greenwich and Fostoria from June 1 to June 4. Spent 23 straight hours in Marion at the depot from 7:00am Thursday morning, June 1 through 6:00am Friday morning, June 2. We then grabbed a couple of large coffee's at Speedway on the way out of town as we made the one hour drive up to Greenwich and I won't kid you - we needed the caffeine. Was at the diamonds in Greenwich from 7:15am for the entire day through 6:00pm Friday evening continuing to not miss a thing on the rails. We then crashed Friday night in Willard at a local motel and picked up a much needed 8 plus hours of sleep. We then kicked off early Saturday morning, June 3 by checking out the Willard Yard seeing what we could see and had quite a haul of locomotives. From that point we headed back over to Fostoria where we arrived at 7:30am at the Railpark. Was in Fostoria from that point through 10:30am Sunday morning, June 4 for another 27 hour run of continuous train watching. Ended up with four hours of video. If we saw it on the rails, I have it on tape, at least in the daylight hours.

Grand Totals:

Marion CSX: 41 Trains, 74 Locomotives
Marion NS: 32 Trains, 72 Locomotives
Greenwich: 30 Trains, 68 Locomotives
Willard: 33 Locomotives
Fostoria CSX: 72 Trains, 133 Locomotives
Fostoria NS: 26 Trains, 55 Locomotives
Galetia CSX: 3 Trains 8 Locomotives

Total: 204 Trains 433 Locomotives

Trip Report:

June 1st, 2017
Seen In Galatea, Ohio Today:
Q131 Engs 5319up+1518crex-6901up by 5:25am
Q388 Engs 3343csx-781csx+7917csx by 5:30am
V646 Engs 493csx-345csx by 5:35am

Seen In Marion, Ohio Today:
NS25D Engs 8467ns-9613ns by 6:36am
NS304 Engs 7618ns-9061ns+2772ns by 7:10am
QWBFT Engs 9007csx-5256csx by 7:25am
V765 Engs 289csx-4038csx by 7:34am
NS376 Engs 9136ns-2614ns by 8:04am
Q263 Engs 934csx-3463csx by 8:25am
Q366 Engs 5401csx-21csx+5248csx by 8:43am
H792 Eng 2663csx north by 8:48am
NS24D Eng 7259ns by 8:56am
NS179 Engs 1052ns-9944ns (Front) 2662ns+8087ns (Rear) by 9:16am
T700 Engs 3265csx-3454csx by 9:48am
Q235 Engs 5407csx-395csx by 10:06am
Q106 Engs 3913kcs-163csx by 10:12am
H798 Engs 6419csx-2235csx east + Cab NYC 21293 by 10:27am
NS27V Engs 7513ns-8327ns by 10:35am
Q711 Engs 922csx+5414csx-267csx by 10:56am
NS50V Engs 2797ns-9309ns by 10:57am
NS180 Engs 7252ns+1034ns by 11:50am
Q348 Engs 1524crex-881csx E-N by 11:58am
Q008 Engs 3146csx-3030csx by 12:50pm
NS188 Engs 8930ns-2572ns+5104ns by 12:57pm
NS234 Engs 2571ns-9372ns+8417ns by 1:50pm
H798 Engs 2235csx-6419csx west + Cab NYC 21293 by 1:57pm
Q261 Engs 535csx+990csx by 2:08pm
Q262 Engs 762csx-3075csx by 3:25pm
H797 Engs 4528csx-4311csx north by 3:33pm
C799 Eng 6536csx east by 3:38pm
NS51E Engs 8377ns-8806ns by 3:49pm
N845 Engs 1505crex-658bnsf+414csx by 4:05pm
NS861 Eng 8449ns by 4:18pm
Q635 Engs 154csx-4017csx by 4:21pm
NS795 Engs 9689ns+9905ns+9135ns by 4:23pm
G765 Engs 3328csx-5422csx south by 4:40pm
NS178 Engs 7611ns+7627ns-9558ns by 5:15pm
U610 Engs 9csx-756csx south by 5:25pm
U621 Engs 429csx-3081csx south by 5:35pm
NS194 Engs 1102ns+9697ns by 5:53pm
NS175 Engs 6907ns-8166ns by 6:15pm
Q109 Engs 3344csx-324csx west by 7:08pm
Q710 Engs 267csx-5415csx+922csx by 7:30pm
C799 Eng 6536csx west by 8:46pm
NS170 Engs 9044ns-8430ns+7102ns by 9:09pm
V623 Engs 797csx-402csx north by 9:15pm
H797 Engs 4311csx-4528csx south by 9:18pm
NSFrt Eng 7634ns north by 9:20pm
NSCoal Engs 8110ns-9840ns+8925ns by 9:34pm
Q107 Engs 3913kcs-163csx by 9:41pm
NS178 Engs 9079ns-9281ns+9054ns by 10:39pm
K670 Engs 415csx-7744csx+49csx east by 11:00pm
NS961 Engs 2680ns-2593ns*2519ns-9606ns*7550ns-9584ns*9647cp-9714cp N 11:10pm
Q349 Engs 5441csx-544csx*495csx-3113csx S-W by 11:23pm
NS233 Engs 7635ns-9684ns+9759ns by 11:51pm

June 2nd, 2017
NS217 Engs 9304ns-9265ns+7586ns by 12:15am
Q634 Engs 4017csx-154csx by 12:26am
Q236 Engs 3278csx-3110csx by 12:55am
NS169 Eng 9751ns by 1:43am
Q218 Eng 5334csx by 2:05am
NSFrt Engs 8784ns-6929ns south by 2:25am
Q007 Engs 878csx-883csx by 2:52am
Q277 Engs 7753csx-434csx by 3:13am
NSCoal Engs 9431ns-1019ns north by 3:28am
NSL39 Eng 3541ns north by 3:47am
NS130 Engs 7715ns-3632ns+2617ns by 4:03am
Q711 Engs 542csx-5225csx+4795csx by 4:09am
Q109 Engs 324csx-3344csx east by 4:30am
Q260 Engs 3125csx-3026csx by 5:00am
Q366 Engs 8887csx-8139csx by 5:17am
NS24D Engs 8328bnsf-7496bnsf by 5:29am
NSFrt Eng 7276ns north by 5:30am
U700 Engs 243csx-592csx by 5:42am
Q263 Engs 843csx-988csx by 5:47am

Seen In Greenwich, Ohio Today:
Q163 Engs 998csx-7740csx+359csx by 7:15am
U700 Engs 243csx-592csx NYC-N to B&O-E by 7:27am
Q217 Engs 7914csx-4680csx B&O-W to NYC-S by 7:45am
Q235 Engs 3471csx-8145csx B&O-W to NYC-S by 8:07am
Q279 Engs 571csx-7801csx NYC-S by 8:20am
V623 Engs 797csx-402csx by 8:35am
Q384 Engs 785csx-6143csx*5376csx-5309csx+881csx by 8:47am
Q158 Engs 873csx-3277csx by 9:22am
Q113 Engs 945csx-953csx by 9:45am
Q022 Engs 281csx-5282csx NYC-N by 9:51am
Q389 Engs 3392csx-3004csx B&O-W by 10:02am
Q015 Engs 5362csx-593csx B&O-W by 10:23am
Z395 Engs 6983wle-3048wle+6316wle by 10:30am
Q381 Engs 479csx-538csx by 10:42am
Q365 Engs 5491csx-4014csx by 10:57am
Q276 Engs 902csx-865csx B&O-E by 11:07am
Q166 Engs 8522cp-9757cp by 11:33am
Q123 Engs 3414csx-3391csx NYC-S by 11:38am
Q016 Engs 5405csx-5224csx B&O-E by 1:08pm
Q010 Engs 3455csx-172csx by 1:37pm
Q008 Engs 304csx-5482csx NYC-N by 2:18pm
Q386 Engs 295csx-4081csx by 2:25pm
Q137 Engs 69csx-9031csx B&O-W by 2:28pm
Q393 Engs 7csx-3172csx by 2:38pm
Q388 Engs 3045csx-3402csx*4529csx-1513csx*311csx-10csx B&O-E by 2:48pm
Q299 Eng 355csx B&O-W by 3:48pm
G088 Engs 8860up-6538up+8629up B&O-E by 5:02pm
Q382 Engs 4017csx-154csx*5273csx-7828csx*882csx-3410csx*3068csx-6296csx 5:33pm
Q366 Engs 5102csx-3210csx NYC-N to B&O-E by 5:45pm
Q165 Engs 9653cp-9622cp by 5:57pm

June 3rd, 2017
Seen At the CSX Rail Yard In Willard, Ohio Today:
CSXT: 75,161,250,442,479,515,538,729,791,998,1550,2347,2491,2500,2529,2644,2733,2752
CREX: 1506,1513

Seen In Fostoria, Ohio Today:
Q380 Engs 909csx-4532csx by 7:30am
Q158 Engs 379csx-438csx by 7:35am
NS10R Engs 9639ns-6968ns by 7:55am
NS288 Engs 9934ns-8829ns by 8:15am
NS17K Engs 2714ns-8504up+9202ns by 9:02am
K633 Engs 8612cp-8884cp by 9:12am
S276 Engs 832csx-7766csx S-E by 9:27am
K611 Engs 7656csx-960csx by 9:31am
NS234 Engs 7635ns-7228ns*9682ns-8890ns by 9:53am
Q369 Engs 7853csx-515csx by 10:09am
NS218 Engs 1084ns-2710ns+7592ns by 10:17am
NS280 Engs 9560ns-2733ns by 10:17am
Q166 Engs 8568cp-9704cp by 10:31am
G765 Engs 325csx-926csx S by 11:02am
Q635 Engs 538csx-479csx W-S by 11:06am
Q163 Engs 573csx-215csx*3303csx-5424csx by 11:15am
E492 Eng 3228csx E-S by 11:42am
Q016 Engs 593csx-5362csx by 11:54am
Q113 Engs 8922up-6315up by 12:00pm
Q150 Engs 565csx-5382csx E-N by 12:08pm
Q015 Engs 6147up-210csx by 12:12pm
L010 Engs 3284csx-563csx by 12:25pm
NS307 Engs 9662ns-9182ns by 12:31pm
NS64M Engs 2223cn-2463cn E by 12:32pm
NS15E Engs 6936ns-8492up by 12:37pm
Q395 Engs 729csx-3437csx W-N by 1:01pm
Q507 Engs 567csx-4488bnsf S-W by 1:03pm
K850 Engs 9721cp-3121csx by 1:18pm
Q253 Engs 7893csx-5269csx+3413csx W-N by 1:30pm
Q386 Engs 3456csx-297csx+3266csx by 1:40pm
Q263 Engs 3323csx-5333csx+791csx W-N by 1:51pm
Q348 Engs 7866csx-8075csx*3153csx-5371csx*4537csx-4698csx+4699csx N-E 2:17pm
NSMQ2 Eng 9621ns E by 2:43pm
NSL16 Eng 7530ns W by 2:43pm
Q137 Engs 26csx-160csx by 3:02pm
Q299 Eng 3111csx W-N by 3:55pm
K183 Eng 441csx by 4:10pm
Q365 Engs 5290csx-5267csx by 5:02pm
Q393 Engs 3435csx-5323csx by 5:16pm
NS307 Engs 7074bnsf-7124bnsf by 5:30pm
K___ Engs 696bnsf-6716bnsf+6845bnsf W by 5:42pm
Q394 Engs 5256csx-9007csx+4332csx S-E by 5:51pm
Q151 Engs 5058bnsf-8399bnsf S-W by 6:17pm
G752 Engs 4038csx-289csx S by 6:34pm
NS12Q Eng 9917ns E by 6:42pm
Q136 Engs 743csx-5266csx by 6:57pm
G787 Engs 171csx-85csx E-S by 7:45pm
Q349 Engs 4034csx-5231csx*5306csx-7728csx W-S by 7:55pm
K636 Engs 9700cp-8554cp by 8:16pm
K524 Engs 8954ns-9157ns by 8:45pm
Q017 Engs 3042csx-3433csx by 8:56pm
Q264 Engs 3463csx-934csx*100csx-7822csx S-E by 9:05pm
Q241 Engs 3050csx-5251csx S-W by 9:07pm
Q389 Engs 3232csx-5203csx by 9:37pm
W207 Engs 258csx-4021csx N-W by 9:43pm
Q165 Engs 1037cefx-8828cp by 10:03pm
NSM45 Engs 7264ns-2681ns W by 10:14pm
NS272 Engs 8464ns-9204ns by 10:24pm
Q157 Engs 5366csx-424csx by 10:38pm
Q710 Engs 7820csx-7862csx+7789csx N-E by 10:45pm
Q019 Engs 3132csx-5313csx by 10:55pm
Q342 Engs 3324csx-9048csx by 11:06pm

June 4th, 2017
Q231 Engs 5289csx-5442csx S-W by 12:00am
Q383 Engs 257csx-124csx by 12:28am
NS288 Engs 9623ns-7708ns by 1:13am
NS145 Engs 9968ns-8440ns by 1:21am
NS856 Engs 6766ns-2551ns W by 1:43am
Q711 Engs 295csx-4081csx W-S by 1:44am
Q161 Engs 783csx-3138csx by 2:02am
Q003 Engs 660csx+3334csx-3340csx by 3:01am
NS57W Engs 9941ns-4555up W by 3:26am
Q004 Engs 533csx-5341csx by 3:56am
Q276 Engs 3208csx-732csx S-E by 4:07am
Q634 Engs 479csx-538csx*2290csx-6484csx*6413csx-2227csx N-E by 4:12am
Q135 Engs 5297csx-516csx by 4:33am
Q138 Engs 9031csx-69csx by 4:40am
NS885 Engs 9169ns-8998ns E by 4:52am
Q018 Engs 6860bnsf-4260bnsf by 5:27am
Q020 Engs 895csx-3347csx by 5:39am
NS233 Engs 9700ns-9607ns+4020up by 5:58am
Q380 Engs 144csx-94csx by 6:06am
Q506 Engs 3168csx-2474csx E-N by 6:11am
Q388 Engs 5318csx-398csx by 6:30am
Q253 Engs 5481csx-7708csx W-N by 6:44am
Q158 Engs 971csx-221csx by 6:55am
K182 Engs 7910csx-7691csx by 7:12am
NS14E Engs 9336ns-6775ns by 7:22am
Q200 Engs 7909csx-5378csx E-N by 7:33am
NS51V Engs 9561ns-9210ns W by 8:10am
Q369 Engs 9007csx-5256csx by 8:22am
Q166 Engs 8535cp-8724cp by 8:39am
K649 Engs 7159up-6583up by 8:45am
NS117 Engs 9598ns-9711ns+9245ns by 8:53am
K183 Engs 9705cp-4740up+1520crex by 9:18am
NS218 Engs 7640ns-9341ns by 9:35am
Q016 Engs 5424csx-3303csx by 10:12am
Q368 Engs 723csx-7787up by 10:32am
NS234 Engs 8175ns-9493ns*6760ns-9947ns by 10:39am
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Re: Four Days In Marion, Greenwich and Fostoria

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Outstanding report!! 20W runs the Chicago Line unless there has been recent operations change. Glad to see CSX isn't as horrible in train traffic as everybody says EHH is making it.

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Re: Four Days In Marion, Greenwich and Fostoria

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Tier4GEVO wrote:Outstanding report!! 20W runs the Chicago Line unless there has been recent operations change. Glad to see CSX isn't as horrible in train traffic as everybody says EHH is making it.
I've actually seen 20W on the NKP a few times.

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