31 Hours In Fostoria

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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31 Hours In Fostoria

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BL2-1843 and I made another one of our marathon trips to Fostoria this week. We arrived at the Iron Triangle at exactly 6:00am Tuesday morning, May 16 and departed at 1:00pm Wednesday afternoon, May 17. For 31 straight hours we did not miss a thing as we spent the entire night driving back and forth between the B&O, C&O and NS catching every train through town. Came up with 126 trains in 31 hours.

The Grand Totals were 247 total locomotives sighted. 187 of those were on CSX - which when broken down further showed 153 CSX, 12 UP, 6 CP, 5 CN, 4 BNSF, 3 NS, 3 CREX and 1 TORC. 60 were seen on the NS - which when broken down further showed 55 NS, 4 UP and 1 BNSF.

Trip report below. Enjoy!

May 16th, 2017
B060 Eng 243csx W at 6:00am
Q395 Engs 597csx-5306csx W-N by 6:02am
Q158 Engs 267csx-5313csx by 6:09am
NS233 Engs 9905ns+8860ns-9739ns by 6:19am
Q200 Eng 7csx E-N by 6:26am
K683 Engs 5379csx-3417csx by 6:34am
Q711 Engs 904csx-773csx W-S by 6:58am
Q253 Engs 3084csx-7869csx W-N by 7:06am
NS42R Engs 6541bnsf+2636ns+9741ns+9329ns-8325ns by 7:17am
Q342 Engs 7884csx-9026csx+2062csx by 7:50am
NSL83 Eng 3395ns W by 8:10am
NS234 Engs 6984ns-2547ns*8431ns-8363ns by 8:16am
Q166 Engs 8535cp-9805cp by 8:35am
Q299 Eng 997csx W-N by 9:00am
Q149 Engs 5355csx-893csx by 9:08am
Q389 Engs 5156bnsf+7371bnsf-8241bnsf by 9:21am
Q113 Engs 7769csx-7754csx by 9:40am
NS218 Engs 7303ns+8441ns-2700ns by 9:47am
NS307 Engs 8109ns-9159ns by 9:47am
Q159 Engs 260csx-511csx by 10:00am
Q348 Engs 7834csx-5109csx*6961csx-2361csx+1315csx N-E by 10:04am
NS62W Engs 9171ns-9246ns W Light by 10:06am
NS51V Engs 9189ns-9378ns by 10:09am
Q016 Engs 993csx-5247csx by 11:06am
Q090 Engs 7476up-7328up by 11:22am
NS17K Engs 8998ns-8016ns by 11:30am
T615 Engs 857csx-289csx N-W by 11:35am
NS15E Engs 6754ns-8991ns by 11:37am
Q635 Engs 7866csx-8065csx W-S by 11:54am
K183 Eng 988csx E by 11:56am
Q010 Engs 785csx-5439csx by 12:08pm
Q150 Engs 908csx-9021csx E-N by 12:26pm
Q015 Engs 8706csx-3210csx by 1:02pm
Q148 Engs 7747csx-7722csx by 1:44pm
C&OYard Engs 2290csx-6484csx+Cabs903180,903985 at 1:50pm
G057 Engs 7830up-6198up+6626up by 1:56pm
E244 Engs 3377csx-780csx S-E by 2:10pm
Q386 Engs 7779csx-4742csx by 2:12pm
NSL83 Eng 3395ns E by 2:15pm
K226 Engs 9004csx+577csx-3288csx E-N by 2:39pm
NSL14 Engs 5074ns-6132ns at 2:51pm
H795 Eng 2560csx S arr 2:54pm
W239 Engs 133csx-218csx by 3:07pm
NS62W Engs 9246ns-9171ns by 3:16pm
Q365 Engs 5287csx-8134csx by 3:55pm
H793 Engs 2227csx-6413csx N-W-S by 4:07pm
Q393 Engs 7676csx-4879bnsf+7843csx by 4:11pm
Q157 Engs 3269csx-5352csx by 4:23pm
V765 Engs 5350csx-3345csx N by 4:28pm
Q136 Engs 3469csx-3054csx by 4:38pm
Q137 Engs 3197csx-5296csx by 4:49pm
Q151 Eng 3289csx S-W by 5:02pm
Q394 Engs 2536ns-7662csx S-E by 5:22pm
NS307 Engs 8331ns-8322ns+5036up by 5:42pm
Q264 Engs 5455csx-7814csx S-E by 6:33pm
Q165 Engs 9752cp-8896cp by 7:20pm
G090 Engs 458csx-40csx E by 7:20pm
NSL76 Eng 6157ns W by 7:33pm
Q017 Engs 588csx-909csx by 7:42pm
Q009 Engs 3304csx-1522crex by 7:58pm
Q001 Engs 3294csx-3281csx by 8:16pm
Q510 Engs 326csx-5235csx E-N by 8:33pm
NS65V Engs 8144ns-9653ns by 8:57pm
Q349 Engs 170csx-398csx*3153csx-6245up W-S by 9:07pm
Q637 Eng 3130csx by 9:42pm
NS14E Engs 7018ns-6911ns by 9:55pm
Q112 Engs 3384csx-7660csx by 10:19pm
K648 Engs 5622up-7002up by 11:09pm
NS375 Engs 8385ns-9193ns by 11:17pm
K681 Engs 3461csx-8864csx by 11:36pm
T602 Engs 307csx-596csx E-S by 11:46pm

May 17th, 2017
Q511 Eng 1517crex S-W by 12:04am
Q710 Engs 793csx-904csx N-E by 12:08am
T601 Engs 509csx-3105csx N-W by 12:24am
NS12Q Eng 1022ns by 12:37am
Q711 Engs 210csx-318csx W-S by 12:52am
NS280 Engs 4007ns-7142ns by 12:57am
Q383 Engs 9026csx-7884csx*907csx-3089csx by 1:06am
NSL72 Eng 3230ns W by 1:19am
Q019 Engs 3150csx-933csx by 1:21am
Q003 Engs 5424csx-3303csx by 1:35am
NS866 Engs 7500ns-9628ns+7145up W by 1:43am
NSL76 Eng 6157ns E by 1:45am
Q004 Engs 769csx-755csx by 2:06am
Q161 Engs 3086csx-3160csx by 2:17am
Q368 Engs 8376csx-7880csx+8475csx by 2:38am
NS55W Engs 7699up-9446ns by 2:43am
Q135 Engs 737csx-266csx+79csx+3248csx by 2:54am
Q138 Engs 3327csx-743csx by 2:54am
L090 Engs 8812up-5401up by 3:05am
H794 Engs 6413csx-2227csx S-W-E by 3:08am
NS145 Engs 7609ns-8421ns by 3:17am
NS233 Engs 9758ns-8829ns by 3:27am
Q231 Engs 7860csx-7841csx S-W by 3:48am
Q365 Engs 5470csx-1516crex by 3:58am
Q276 Engs 2568cn-2039cn S-E by 4:10am
NS217 Engs 1057ns+9639ns-9757ns by 4:25am
Q634 Engs 9024csx-3218csx N-E by 4:46am
NSL72 Eng 3230ns E by 5:23am
Q020 Engs 5221csx-32csx by 5:44am
Q018 Engs 536csx-3132csx by 5:54am
Q506 Engs 3079csx-8808cn+2599cn E-N by 6:08am
NS272 Engs 5128up+7317ns-8169ns by 6:23am
Q380 Engs 5265csx-2480csx by 6:37am
Q395 Engs 467csx-9013csx*7662csx-2536ns*3352csx-789csx*2313csx-6913csx W-N 7:04am
Q158 Engs 3289csx-5349csx by 7:11am
Q388 Engs 3932up-4777up by 8:00am
Q113 Engs 500csx-4268up by 8:30am
Q166 Engs 8830cp-9700cp by 8:38am
K524 Engs 8954ns-9157ns by 8:42am
NS234 Engs 7511ns+2647ns-9852ns by 8:52am
Q342 Engs 8665csx-8881csx*4083csx-5233csx*9022csx-137csx*8217csx-734csx 9:14am
Q299 Eng 5448csx W-N by 9:23am
NS218 Engs 9002ns-6753ns by 9:35am
Q200 Eng 8076csx E-N by 10:05am
I-163 Engs 5398csx-332csx by 10:28am
Q149 Engs 7722csx-7747csx by 10:43am
Q241 Engs 5631up-996torco S-W by 10:58am
Q016 Engs 4268up-500csx by 11:30am
Q348 Engs 327csx-116csx N-E by 12:10pm
Q015 Engs 871csx+572csx-523csx by 12:12pm
K676 Engs 2692cn-3124csx by 12:16pm
Q150 Engs 8666csx-7752csx E-N by 12:29pm
H795 Eng 2560csx S by 12:29pm
G060 Engs 3089csx-907csx E-S by 12:38pm
K048 Engs 5557up-____cp by 1:00pm

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Re: 31 Hours In Fostoria

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Nice to have been there when the Rail Park finally got its caboose delivered seeing the rail for it was installed quite some time ago.

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Re: 31 Hours In Fostoria

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Caboose?? Man I need to get back to the parents place more often...
What smells like lube oil and diesel.... Oh wait it's just my "Locomotive Breath"

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Re: 31 Hours In Fostoria

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Impressive but I would have lost my mind

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