496: Union Pacific Derailment Scene @ Cheyenne, WY

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496: Union Pacific Derailment Scene @ Cheyenne, WY

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TRRS 496: Union Pacific Derailment Scene @ Cheyenne, WY

06 Jun 2016 - Cheyenne, WY

A 166-car Union Pacific general mixed freight train was descending the east slope of Sherman Hill, just moments from arriving at Cheyenne for the crew change, when something went horribly wrong. Within moments, 16 cars were off the tracks, and both Mains 1 and 2 were shuttered for what would be days of investigation, cleanup, and track restoration.

Two days later, on June 8th, we found the wreck site mostly cleared, with the wreckage pushed off the tracks and crews busy reinstalling the main tracks - trains would soon be running through the area, no doubt to the relief of dispatchers, who were for several days forced to route trains around the wreck site using the line to Speer, utilizing the Harriman and Borie Lines to bypass the area - so even in disaster, I suppose they got lucky with essentially two mains maintained over the hill despite the wreck.

The wreckage seen here includes most of the derailed cars, which included at least a handful of loaded centerbeams from the Pacific Northwest, which resulted in ruined dimensional lumber piled high as part of the cleanup.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, and except the lost railcars and their contents, there was no property damage. A relatively lucky situation then, for all involved.

Cheyenne Wreck Site Scenes
- Clips of EB Manifest wreck just west of Cheyenne/ Wreck occurred on 6-6-16. 16 cars wrecked. Track restored to service on 6-9.
- Cheyenne, WY, W of town along Otto Rd, on 6-8-16 at 15:04 MDT

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