495: Pacing & Chasing down the Wahsatch Grade

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495: Pacing & Chasing down the Wahsatch Grade

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495: Pacing & Chasing down the Wahsatch Grade

Wahsatch, Utah - 06 June 2016

As this series wraps up footage from the Union Pacific Overland Route, I've compiled a few tidbits from the trip which I feel are worthwile as standalones which didn't quite fit in the documentary series.

So for this video, we're back out on the famed Wahsatch Grade between Evanston, Wyoming and Ogden, Utah, chasing a westbound manifest down the hill. While some scenes were used in the documentaries, here we have two long stretches of pacing.

The first covers the line from Wyuta, the Wyoming/Utah State Line, to the summit at Wahsatch, while the second covers the lower half of Echo Canyon and the upper half of Weber Canyon. While the pacing isn't super high quality, many will enjoy the scenery of the pacing as the train made its way through some fabulously scenic country.

Of course we've also got some neat ground footage as well, fully documenting a single train's journey down the line.

Train #1: Echo & Weber Canyon Manifest WB
- UP 8906 [SD70AH]
- UP 6204 [AC44CW]
- 55 cars [Autoracks]
- 49 cars [Mixed]
- UP 5876 [ES44AC]
- 42 cars [Mixed]
- (1) Evanston, WY, County Rd 111 xing, on 6-6-16 at 06:26 MDT
- Pacing, Evanston, WY to Wahsatch, UT, along Wahsatch Rd, from 06:33 to 06:45
- Emory, UT, Echo Canyon Rd/Old US 30 Overpass, at 07:13
- Pacing, Emory to Henefer, along Echo & Echo Canyon Rds from 07:19 to 07:43
- (2) Pacing at Henefer, along I-84, at 07:45
- Tunnels E of Morgan, at 08:38 MDT
(1): Meets train #2; (2) Meets train #3.

Train #2: Evanston Manifest EB
- UP 8899 [SD70AH]
- UP 5577 [ES44AC]
- UP 6604 [AC44CW]
- Car Count Unknown [Mixed]
- Evanston, WY, County Rd 111 xing, on 6-6-16 at 06:28 MDT

Train #3: Henefer Autorack EB
- UP ??? [SD70ACe]
- Car Count Unknown [Autoracks]
- Henefer, UT, along I-84, on 6-6-16 at 07:45 MDT

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