491: Pacing the Union Pacific II - Laramie, WY

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491: Pacing the Union Pacific II - Laramie, WY

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Ep. 491: Pacing the Union Pacific RR - Laramie, WY

Laramie, WY - 08 Jun 2016
Pacing the UP Overland Route Part II - Laramie, WY

After ascending the trying grade of Sherman Hills, westbound trains on the Union Pacific Overland Route find themselves upon the gently rolling hills north and west of Laramie.

Carpeted green with pastureland, the railroad in this region is characterized by modest grades and mostly straight track, owing to large cuts and fills to level out the topography.

But don't let this pleasant midsummer morning fool you - those large fence structures aren't there for cattle or looks: those are massive snow fences, erected to prevent the railroad from becoming buried in wintertime snows. With blizzards a commonality, this railroad sees far more challenging conditions than are present on this day.

We begin just a few miles north of Laramie, where the old US 30 allows open road for easy pacing. Our westbound has mostly open track ahead, except for one slow-to-appear signal at a control point, where we briefly transition to the ground to sight a meet with an eastbound, before continuing the chase.

Westbound Autorack/Mixed
- UP 8599 [SD70ACe]
- UP 7835 [ES44AC]
- UP 8170 [ES44AC]
- Car count unknown
- Laramie, WY, Yard Pedestrian Overpass Bridge, on 6-8-16 at 08:02 MDT
- (1) Pacing/Chasing west of Laramie on US 30, on 6-8-16 from 07:38 to 08:07 MDT

- meets with -

Eastbound Manifest
- Unknown (behind meeting train)
- West of Laramie, WY, along US 30, on 6-8-16 at 08:02 MDT

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