490: Pacing the Union Pacific I - Weber and Echo Canyons

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490: Pacing the Union Pacific I - Weber and Echo Canyons

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Ep. 490: UP Wahsatch Grade Train Pacing - Weber & Echo Canyons

Echo, Utah - 05 Jun 2016
Pacing the UP Overland Route Part I - Echo & Weber Canyons

Welcome to the famed Weber and Echo Canyons of Utah: home to the legendary Union Pacific Wahsatch Grade. For miles, trains grind against nature to summit the Wahsatch Range, in order to climb out of the Great Salt Lake Basin.

While the entire line is paralleled today by Interstate Freeways, there are still some old segments of US 30 - the Lincoln Highway - which still parallel the rails opposite from the freeways, near-deserted stretches of road perfectly setup for pacing the many trains of the Union Pacific as they ply their craft amongst juxtaposed rock and desert scrub.

Come along for the ride, as we follow along with an eastbound ascending the grade, from a point near Henefer to Emory, starting midway up Weber Canyon and finishing halfway up Echo, the respective limits of the longest patch of US 30 still existent in this form.

The video begins with a meet between a downbound train and the one we will give chase to. We let the entire train rollby before charging to the front.

Train #1: Intermodal WB
- UP ??? [SD70ACe]
- UP ??? [SD70M]
- UP ??? [SD70ACe]
- 42 cars [Intermodal]
- Henefer, UT, Weber Canyon, along Echo Rd, on 6-5-16 at 19:55 MDT

- meets -

Train #2: Intermodal EB
- UP 8184 [ES44AC]
- UP 5827 [ES44AC]
- 103 cars [Intermodal]
- UP 7719 [ES44AC]
- UP 8044 [ES44AC]
- Henefer, UT to Emory, UT Pacing/Chasing, along Echo & Echo Canyon Roads (Old US 30), from 19:55 to 20:20 MDT

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Videography Equipment:
-Primary: Sony HDR-PJ790V HD Camcorder
-Edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 13

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