Morning railfanning Wyandotte MI Election Day

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Morning railfanning Wyandotte MI Election Day

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Ok so on Election Day I went to Wyandotte to do some railfanning 2 people met up with me. Here is a rundown of what I saw

8:30 am There was a race between NS 331 with a dash 9 leading and CN M383 with a GEVO leading I was standing on the wrong side

10 am I saw CN A451 with two M-2 engines

at 12 pm traffic really started to pick up on NS. NS 332 was up first with a dash 9 leader

12:15 pm was NS 31M was next with a solo SD70ACE

12:30 last train was NS 288 with a dash 9 Standard cab leading

So 6 trains in 4 hours really good for Michigan

Here are the catches I got on this video Note I asked to use my friends video of 332 since my camera got screwed

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