485: CN Local Train Chase - Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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485: CN Local Train Chase - Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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Ep. 485: CN Local Train Chase - Upper Peninsula of Michigan

15 Oct 2016 McFarland, MICH -- Rolling south along the CN's Marquette Range Subdivision, over-the-road local L549 is heading for Escanaba with 33 cars of mixed freight for Escanaba.

A catch-all job for this segment of the CN's vast network, L549 services the Potlatch Mill near Sawyer, the LS&I interchange near Eagle Mills, as well as forwarding traffic to and from the L'Anse Branch, on the far side of the Iron Range.

Join us for a short chase of this train southward, through a crummy fall morning in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - with high winds, and rain due in later in the day. Nonetheless, the freight has to move, and of course CN gets the job done.

- CN 5648 [SD75I]
- CN 2037 [C40-8]
- 4 Woodchip Loads [gons]
- 2 Pulpwood Loads [bulkhead flats]
- 1 Lumber Load [centerbeam]
- 2 Sodium Hydroxide empties [tanks, from Tilden]
- 4 Bentonite Clay empties [CHs, from Tilden]
- 11 Nickel & Copper loads [gons, from MRA]
- 4 Pulpwood loads [bulkhead flats]
- 3 Scrap tie empties [gons]
- 2 Ballast Empties [gons]
- CN Marquette Range Sub, McFarland, M35 xing, on 10-15-16 at 11:37 EDT
- Rock, Maple Ridge xing, at 11:54
- Trombly, Trombly 35th Rd xing, at 12:01
- W Gladstone, along 80th Rd, at 12:22

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Re: 485: CN Local Train Chase - Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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I like your detailed reports and video's :D
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