BO Tower's Final Monday

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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BO Tower's Final Monday

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With BO closing on the 25th, I worked my way to Kalamazoo for a date night with my girlfriend on the 24th in order to get one last look at the tower as a maned structure. We arrived with enough time to grab a sunset shot before Amtrak 364 headed on east with the Blue Water. As we approached Kalamazoo it was apparent that I could possibly get a sunset shot. The detour heading into downtown almost got me, however I was satisfied with the result as I launched the drone just in time. (Video is towards the end of the report)

ImageSunset on BO Tower by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr

After this darkness started to set in and we waited on 364. 5 minutes early 364 rolled into the Zoo, did its station work and headed for Port Huron. After 364 we headed for dinner, which was actually a slight mistake as I forgot about Amtrak 358 which was due in at about 8:50pm. They arrived while we were at dinner which was no big deal, just an Amtrak train. However GDLK 102 followed Amtrak 358 east, which would have been nice to see at the tower. I caught a glimpse of their FRED as we arrived back at BO for some more stills. As I waited on Amtrak 354, I grabbed another still of the tower. Your basic night shot, but it worked for me. I was able to get some starts to come out in the photo, however I wish I had played with some more exposures and settings to get more stars to stand out.

ImageBO Tower by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr

Finally 354 arrived at Kalamazoo, and I set up for what would be my final shots at BO tower. With the camcorder on one tripod and the DSLR on the other I set up a "streaking" exposure shot of 354 clearing BO. It was bitter sweet to hear "Clear BO" one more time with the tower still in place.

ImageLast Call for BO by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr

After this we hit the road for home, eventually beating the Amtrak train all the way home by a good 50 minutes. Here are the videos from the evening. Included at the end of the video is one of my favorite features, a couple photos and some audio, which in my mind is a great way to end my final manned BO video.

Thanks for watching and reading!
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