Ep. 481: Flyover of the Empire Mine

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Ep. 481: Flyover of the Empire Mine

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Ep. 481: The End of the Empire Iron Ore Mine - Drone Flyover

September 2016 PALMER, MICH -- High above the landscape south of Marquette, Michigan, we're looking down at the Empire Mine, recently shut down for good.

The second to last operating iron ore mine in this legendary deposit known as the Marquette Iron Range, Empire has long been a fixture of the region, providing scores of good-paying jobs while producing much of the iron ore upon which the US Economy depends.

Fly over the complex in our first video shot from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - or drone, as most refer to them - a background of the area, the plant and the future are given, a precursor to our upcoming special edition, "Empire's Last Stand".

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Videography Equipment:
-Primary: Sony PJ790 Camcorder
-Aerial Platform: DJI Phantom Drone
-Edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 13

-Alex C: Owner, Producer, and Narrator
-Andrew E: Aerial Platform Operator

Copyright 2016 Thornapple River Rail Series by Alex Christmas, All Rights Reserved
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Re: Ep. 481:

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I like your videos, Saturn :)
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Re: Ep. 481: Flyover of the Empire Mine

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Wow. That is going to cost a lot of jobs at the mine, train crews, lake freighters.
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