Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.


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What does it all have in common? A road trip to Ohio of coarse! A three day weekend trip with the family proved to be eventful. Friday's drive yielded quite a bit of roadside rail traffic (after leaving MI of coarse). My cousins wedding was good (open bar). Saturday's trip to Cedar Point was rough. We had enough rain to last a year, but, we did get to ride behind the Judy K. with the crew having some fun. Nice sounding whistle and they made the little 2-4-0 bark pretty good while gathering speed. Silver lining, I guess.
Sunday, we drove to Fostoria. First time ever there. We spent about two hours and saw 11 trains. My kids loved it, my wife was amazed and I was impressed. I know fences suck, but I liked how they set up the rail fan park. Met some nice people, one of which gave my oldest son a NS hat. I'm sure we will go back at some point. If I get time, I will try to post a few pictures.
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