Dah Yooper Railfanning Report 9-17-16

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Dah Yooper Railfanning Report 9-17-16

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Dah Yooper Railfanning Report Sep 17, 2016

08:25- Mineral Range RR copying their track authority from Ishpeming to Humbolt. Has both units and 20 empties. What a find, just happened to see them shoving out of the yard at Ishpeming from US 41.
09:00- MRR westbound at Diorite
09:28- CN Local okay in their track authority from Partridge to Escanaba.
09:33- CN Empire Ore Loads will be radio blocking behind them
09:40- MRR arriving at Humboldt
10:05- MRR shoving into the mine now.
10:37- MRR good airtest
10:40- MRR pulled out of the mine
10:45- MRR depart Humboldt
11:10- MRR by Diorite
11:45- MRR arriving at Ishpeming
12:30- MRR back in the barn, tying down
13:30- Michipecoten done loading at the dock, backing out to return to the Sault
14:20- LS&I 7 Weigher has permission to Eagle Mills West from Tilden Mine
14:45- 7 Weighter by Republic Dash 7s on point!
15:12- 7 Weighter at Eagle Mills, yarding into 4 and handing it off to the next crew.
15:45- LS&I 7 Weighter has been recrewed and is now the 3 Yard/Hill. Assembling their train for the run to the dock at Eagle Mills currently. They're bringing an extra EOT down with them for another dock/hill job.
16:05- LS&I 3 Yard/Hill
17:02- LS&I 3 Yard/Hill by Forestville
17:35- CN All-rail ore by Sands. Just missed them :(
18:05- CN Empire Empties by Sands. GEVO and a Barn.
18:25- CN Empire Empties arriving at Partridge
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