exGTW eastward along M57

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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exGTW eastward along M57

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Two trips eastward along M57 this early week. One to Ithaca and today to Perrinton. Only action was at Middleton where there were covered hoppers west of the MAC grain facility. Looked to be fertilizer cars. Sweetline in Carson City has a trackmobile parked at the end of track and the line is overgrown. Lots of purge wells near the Crystal Flash refinery area.
Ithaca offered a trip west out of town over the AA bridge towards Stanton. Should have snooped Ithaca but didn't. US27 or 127 or whatever was packed with downward home bound folks from the labor day weekend. We were NOT going back that way. Went due west from Ithaca and found ourselves at M66 soon enough. Down to M57, west to Myers Lake Road and home at the lake.
That is all.
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Re: exGTW eastward along M57

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GLC recently picked up a new fertilizer customer in Middleton. Gratiot Agricultural Professional Services. They have a 300k tank farm in Middleton and 2500 tons dry storage in Fowler.
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Re: exGTW eastward along M57

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The MAC fertilizer facility is on the north side of the track's,dry fertilizer is unloaded there. Liquid fertilizer is unloaded on the main in front of there main facilities. Gratiot Ag uses the south siding in town to transload there products,they have no direct access to rail other than this transload area. GLC has been spotting boxcar's at the bean facility in Ithaca for what I would assume is dry bean's or color bean's. Can only confirm that boxcar's and covered hoppers at time's get loaded there. Sweetline in Carson is nothing more then a speeders play ground and scenery for photos as of late. The Anderson's Ag Group has 2 small facilities in Middleton,the small elevator in town west of Main St. Then another small one just outside of town,they seem to truck to Oakley from what I can tell.

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