Frankfort Michigan Trip.

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.

Frankfort Michigan Trip.

Unread postby Doktor No » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:43 pm

Boat Landing was rather quiet.
Stopped by Yuma Sand. Metra Commuter Cars are out to the exact end of the line north of Wexford Sand. String of covered hoppers at the sand plant. Rusty wheels and no flange marks in the road crossing show nothing moving for awhile. Gate was open at the plant too so something is going in in there.
Did stop at Beulah Antiques in the old elevator building. Neat antiques. Railroad artifacts were way over priced though.
Bought the LAST AA Boat Landing print at Ek-Klektic Antiques in Frankfort. Has the Alco FA's leaving eastward from Boat Landing. I took the AA History book with me inside to show the propieter that they did run up there. Last time we were there I thought the print was rather interesting. She said that's the last one but they would get some more soon. She also said some train nut was in there recently that said the FA's were never there and the print was phony. Adamant about it. Some foamer with no brain....we laughed about that...oh yeah, the prints are no longer available. Printer out of business. She remembers the boats and the engines that loaded them....nice place to stop.
Other then that...GR&I right of way up Old 131 had construction at bridges near Howard City and Morley. When PRR and PC had trains on it no money available for bridges from government entitites. Now that bikes use the trail...hundreds of thousands available for new bridges. C'est la vie.
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