IC Blue Devil and Deathstar on the DT&I

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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IC Blue Devil and Deathstar on the DT&I

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This week I have had the chance to go on the former Detroit Toledo and Ironton Mainline between Oakwood Junction and Pennford Junction. We got lucky on Tuesday and found the IC 2462 and IC 1017 for power. We shot them just south of Oakwood under the double arches before chasing them south to just north of Pennford.

ImageIllinois Central on the DT&I by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr

Today we were out again on the Dearborn sub, this time we chased them from Champaign Road down to south of Pennford junction. Today the crew turned on the red marker lights for the former Conrail Dash 8.

ImageBlue Devil with Red Eyes by Michigan Central Lines, on Flickr

When I have the videos done I will get them posted up. Stay safe out there everyone.
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