CSX West of Grand Rapids

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CSX West of Grand Rapids

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I have a question. I have not driven Chicago Dr from Grandville to GR in a long time (about 15 years I'd guess).

When I used to be in the area, there was a line running from the CSX main across Viaduct St and into a building (Now Jireh Metal / Padnos). There was nothing else in that vicinity. Now I see what appears to be a very active transload location next to this.

When did the line from the main into the building and behind get pulled out, and when did the transload (cement) get installed?

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Re: CSX West of Grand Rapids

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That's Buzzi Unicem Cement's Grandville terminal. That switch was installed in 2015-2016 I believe. The spur into the old Padnos building (at least the switch and the part that crossed Viaduct St) was removed a few years prior to that.
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