Amtrak vs. Truck

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Amtrak vs. Truck

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Got a message from a friend back home (we’re in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for spring break) that a truck got out in front of Amtrak and failed to clear the crossing, getting whacked by P3771 at/near 64th street west of Hudsonville. No injuries were reported, but have no other details about it yet...maybe someone else could provide any updates.


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Re: Amtrak vs. Truck

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There's some updates on Amtrak here in the CSX daily train location update thread: viewtopic.php?p=454557#p454557
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Re: Amtrak vs. Truck

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When I see a truck hauling a container I pay attention.
Too many beginner and/or don't care drivers hauling on the low bid.

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Re: Amtrak vs. Truck

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I just heard about this too. Apparently there were no injuries, and 59 people were on board the train at the time of the collision. On a news video I saw the train was bound for Holland and is currently having difficulties with the lead locomotive. They also said that there is a freight train that has been stopped behind the Amtrak due to the collision. I am glad no one was killed or injured though as usually whoever is getting hit has little to no chance of survival. Here is the article I am referencing: ... rain-crash
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