Muskegon RR bridge murals

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Muskegon RR bridge murals

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Appears they invited 20 artists to submit mural proposals, none did. Perhaps $8000 to paint 200' of bridge isn't worth it. Some local artists are now submitting proposals.
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Re: Muskegon RR bridge murals

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They are covering the lane closures and the manlift, travel and lodging but appears the artist has to cover the paint and application cost. They also want some one who can show experience doing similar projects. Like there's lots of murals on RR bridges :roll:
GR and Wyoming collaborated on the 2 at Division and 28th St. Not murals but fancy "welcome to " signs. I'm pretty sure there was a professional painting contractor that did the painting.
IMHO They would be better off taking the artists mural and having the cleaning and coating contractor do the painting. $7000 and $8000 seems a bit low even if the artist got it all. But they didn't ask my opinion :lol:

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Re: Muskegon RR bridge murals

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The professional "muralists" are painting buildings and train cars. They don't have time to do bridges :lol: .
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Re: Muskegon RR bridge murals

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Any of the 20 artists invited would have qualified to do the work. It looks like they have interested parties from outside the 20 so they should find someone.

The payment for the mural is $7000 to $8000 per mural with the rest of the cleanup work on the bridges done as part of a much larger project.

Examples of prior work probably should not be the third boxcar on the midnight train - but the planners need to know that the person hired can fill a 8 x 180 ft space or 9.5 x 210 ft space with something appropriate for the city.

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