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Re: Huron & Eastern 3868

Unread postby RailroadingFan » Thu May 28, 2020 7:12 am

HESR3868 wrote:
SW wrote:I actually unexpectedly saw HESR 3868 today, headed west solo, crossing M-52, just south of M-46. Terrible picture, but I barely had time to turn around and park when I saw the headlight approaching from the east as I was traveling south. This would be the MMRR, a couple miles west of Paines.

There's new rumors going around that the MQT isn't giving the Michigan Shore an engine to replace the 2025 which was in the same boat as the 3868. So, I suppose time will tell for both. There was a motor swap today with the MMRR & the HESR 740 job in Genesee Yard, but the 3868 was due for it's 92 day inspection.
I just heard the same thing. Not sure if HESR 3868 actually got sold or if MMRR is just Leasing it from MEI now?? But I guess time will tell. If the inspection doesn’t pass they will have to get a replacement at some point.
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Re: Huron & Eastern 3868

Unread postby HESR3868 » Fri May 29, 2020 3:04 pm

Was confirmed yesterday by Bay City mechanical guys that the HESR 3868 is still leaving in due time. New rumor for a replacement on the St. Louis Sub is a G&W painted MMRR 2169, but that part is uncertain at this time.

Currently the MMRR has the HESR 3867.
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