Pandos Expands To Howell

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Pandos Expands To Howell

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Much to my surprise in this mornings LIVINGSTONDAILY.COM if you can see the above link, and it has not been posted elsewhere that Padnos has purchased and already operating the former Regal Cycling in Howell.. Perhaps the proposed scrap rail facility for years now, since Regal purchased land along side GLC from the city of Howell for such use, but never materialized will come into fruition At one time, Regal wanting a siding into their plant off the CSX Howell passing siding, but as usual, CSX wouldn't give them the time of day.

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Re: Pandos Expands To Howell

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While I hope a spur is installed Padnos has a practice of trucking scrap from smaller yards to main yards such as Grand Rapids, Holland and Lansing. For example, since Padnos acquired Alma Iron and Metal they have not shipped anything out by rail from Alma while AI&M was shipping 3-4 cars per week.
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