AA Car Storage

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AA Car Storage

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Was in Saline yesterday (Friday) so I decided to follow the AA tracks up through AA.

The Saline branch is loaded with a variety of 2 bay covered hoppers (sand) near the old Ford plant and across the road extending a little farther east than the Industrial Road crossing.

The track between the diamond and State Street had an unusual site on it. Autoracks. I counted 11 total cars, with 10 being normal and 1 2 segment articulated autorack.

Going father north, and fighting traffic near Michigan Stadium, I noticed the passing siding is now holding autoracks. The siding near the diamond and the siding in Ferry Yard must be the railroads short term storage tracks while longer term storage is being shoved as far as possible toward Saline. Still a lot of room for more storage cars on the Saline branch if they want to piss off the richie riches of the neighborhood.

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