Unexpected at Osmer

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Unexpected at Osmer

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Had to drive by Osmer on my way to work this evening. About 6:30 pm I drove by the south end and witnessed two AA engines on the western siding attached to a substantial train. Since no traffic was nearby I stopped the car, rolled down the window and listened. To me it sounded as if they had the locos off and I saw no lights on inside. This is an unusual occurrence to see the AA stopped at Osmer with no sign of activity.

Fast forward about 3 hours and on my drive back I witness the same units fully lit up as if they were about to head southbound. No sign of the GLC at Osmer during either time period.

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Re: Unexpected at Osmer

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AA crew from earlier probably just expired on hours of service, and a recrew showed up by the second time you went by.

Definitely common to fully shut down locomotives now if not needed, once the weather warms up especially, now that fuel costs so much.
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Re: Unexpected at Osmer

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AA often swaps crews at Osmer. The night crew normally goes on at 9:00-11pm so they expire mid morning. If they get delayed enough or a different crew brings the train north this is likely to happen. No where else to go other than Ellsworth road for a crew change in this area.
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