Parking the GRE 2104

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Parking the GRE 2104

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Does the 2104 always get parked in the shed after day's work is done or does it just do that in the winter? I would imagine it would park in the shed year-round to protect it from the elements, as well as any graffiti artists and random people... because the Ann St. yard isn't on the best side of town...
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Re: Parking the GRE 2104

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It's almost always parked in the engine house unless the crew runs out of time. I've seen them leave it in Lowell in the King Milling complex if they run out of time, and the King security keeps an eye on it.
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Re: Parking the GRE 2104

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I've also seen it left in the old interchange yard just west of Malta before, but I don't think its been left outside at Ann St before.
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