KRR GP35M on the GRE

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KRR GP35M on the GRE

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Does anyone know where the KRR #3805 went after delivery on the GRE? I couldn't seem to find any videos of it in revenue service and I'm assuming it just got picked back up again by Y297
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Re: KRR GP35M on the GRE

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3805 never ran while on the GRE. Eventually MQT Z151 picked it up and took it to Manistee where they got it running. I think MQT used it for around 2 years before they blew it up. After that it was sent to the Indiana Southern where last I heard they were deciding to rebuild it or scrap it.
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Re: KRR GP35M on the GRE

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On the MQT till it caught on fire. It went to ISRR like Jon said then went to MEI recently I believe.

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