NS Baits Thieves

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NS Baits Thieves

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CBS News. Chicago residents accuse cops of planting "bait trucks" filled with expensive shoes to lure thieves

Some Chicago residents are outraged by a police operation that deployed a so-called "bait truck" to nab thieves in the city's Englewood neighborhood last week. Angry residents allege police from a major railroad line left tractor trailers filled with expensive merchandise to lure people into stealing, but police say the operation was necessary to bust thieves who have broken into cargo shipments in recent weeks.

The operation was conducted by the Norfolk Southern Railroad Police, which has jurisdiction over railroads operated by the Norfolk Southern railroad company, with assistance from the Chicago Police Department. In a statement, Norfolk Southern spokeswoman Susan Terpay said break-ins at rail yards in Southside Chicago have been increasing, and the operation "was intended to directly combat such unacceptable thefts."

Read More Here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chicago-re ... e=facebook

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Re: NS Baits Thieves

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This may be the most hilarious plan a railroad has ever conducted
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Re: NS Baits Thieves

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Conrail did the same thing out east. They busted a gang known as the "Conrail Boyz". They would leave a Conrail trailer with the word "electronics" , stereos", etc on it which the railroad doesnt have on any other trailers :D . They had inside help :evil: There was even a TV show about the gang and how they were brought down.

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Re: NS Baits Thieves

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If you don't want to get arrested, maybe don't break into the truck? Bait truck or not
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