UP ZTUG4 Question?

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UP ZTUG4 Question?

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Hi everyone. I;am not new here but had lost all my log on info from my old account I haven't been around in a good while. I saw a ZTUG4 Posted on the Wiki that says its a Produce train to G4. Okay My question is this a Box car reefer train or double stacks? I see it says from Tucson Az I know they was in progress of building a cold storage warehouse at the port or tucson back in april of 2015 and I had seen where it got completed last fall some time. Thanks in advanced.

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Re: UP ZTUG4 Question?

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Does the ZTUG4 run any more? Is it now a ZSIG4?

The ZTUG4 was double stacks, not boxcars. Used to carry a block of Pacerstacks of autoparts from Ford in Hermasillo, and also a block from "Phoenix", a paper ramp.

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