CSX layoffs at Barr Yard

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CSX layoffs at Barr Yard

Unread postby ~Z~ » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:21 am

Half the workforce at Barr yard terminated. With Q326/Q327 moving from Barr to Clearing Yard this past week along with who knows how many others, wonder what the outlook for Barr yard is.
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Re: CSX layoffs at Barr Yard

Unread postby florida581 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:15 am

•current Barr Yard trains:

Q368 Chicago, IL - Willard, OH
Q643 Chicago, IL - Cincinnati, OH
Q644 Cincinnati, OH - Chicago, IL
Q645 Chicago, IL - Waycross, GA

•current Clearing Yard (BRC) trains:

Q326 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Grand Rapids, MI
Q327 Grand Rapids, MI - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q350 Cincinnati, OH - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q351 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Cincinnati, OH
Q369 Willard, OH - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q370 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Willard, OH
Q388 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Selkirk, NY
Q389 Selkirk, NY - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q392 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Selkirk, NY
Q393 Selkirk, NY - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q508 Russell, KY - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q509 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Russell, KY
Q556 Ottawa, IL - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q557 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Ottawa, IL
Q641 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Avon, IN
Q642 Avon, IN - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q647 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Waycross, GA
Q648 Waycross, GA - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q649 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Terre Haute, IN
Q650 Terre Haute, IN - Chicago, IL (BRC)
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Re: CSX layoffs at Barr Yard

Unread postby 95duck » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:03 am

AS of August 13th Q326 and Q327 going back to Barr
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