Ex-TPW Watseka trains?

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Ex-TPW Watseka trains?

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Spent some time in Watseka a few weeks ago and saw a couple G&W (ex-TPW) trains crawling through town. Are there any scheduled trains or is traffic all as-needed? Is there a typical frequency of movements through town?


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Re: Ex-TPW Watseka trains?

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Seriously?? I went to Gilman and didn't see a freakin thing! No TPW isnt really scheduled. Theres an Indy local that runs 5 days a week but where it goes those days is anyones guess... could go east could go west. CSX grain trains show up whenever and the junk train from East Peoria I believe runs out of Fairburry now. Wish I knew more so I could catch em out there myself.

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Re: Ex-TPW Watseka trains?

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Ex TP&W? It's still the TP&W.
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