NS Lafayette District

Anything pertaining to railfanning in Indiana.
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NS Lafayette District

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Hey all,

I'm taking a trip down to NS' Lafayette District tomorrow (2 May) and I was wondering if anyone here knew where to find information regarding mileposts. The part of the line I'm looking at is from Peru, Indiana, and Lafayette, Indiana. I don't know if I'll make it all the way to Lafayette or not, but for the sake of planning, I figure better safe than sorry. The reason I ask about mileposts is that I figured out how to extend the range of my scanner a bit (took the easy way out- bought an antenna from Radioshack), and want to be able to figure out where the train is compared to where I am, if I hear signals being called over the radio.

I've 'fanned the line before a couple times (twice) and had too many trains sneak up on me so I'm hoping to avoid some of the frustration this time and maybe actually get a shot or two that isn't just a grab shot.

Does anyone know where one could park and sit and watch trains on this line without harassment from the cops or other "concerned individuals"? With the price of gas, I'd prefer to not drive around the entire day.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,
Charles W.

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This is mostly just locations, does not include all signals. Many signals are called by name, not milepost number. Defect detectors that I can remember are just west of Peru (209.5 I think), just west of Logansport (225.5), Buck Creek (251'ish) and west of Lafayette near West Point (268.8 )

D204.5 West Peru [YL, end double track from Peru and east]
D212.6 Sycamore (East Danes) [SS, 12,800' siding to "Danes"]
D215.1 Danes (West Danes) [SS]
D217.6 18th Street
D218.5 Logansport [C, j, X (WSRY)]
D221.9 Penn (East Clymers) [SS, 12,400' siding to "Clymers"]
D224.3 Clymers (West Clymers) [R, SS, X (WSRY)]
D232.2 Rockfield (East Rockfield) [SS, 8,375" siding to "Yuill"]
D233.9 Yuill (West Rockfield) [SS, pronounced "Yule"]
D241.4 Delphi (East Colburn) [SS -- 12,700' siding to "Colburn"]
D244.0 Colburn (West Colburn) [SS]
D250.0 Buck Creek [controlled signals east and westbound -- no siding]
D253.1 East Yard [SC, YL, R, r, Y, begin double track to Lafayette Jct.]
-Another signal between these two for westbounds, named Royers
D257.2 Lafayette Jct. [C, YL, X (NS), end double track]
D257.7 Demun (West Demun) [J, connection to Frankfort Br.]- I have never heard a train call this name.

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Royers is located on the double track and has a pair of universal crossovers between the two mains. Its a control point for both directions, not just WB's.

Good locations in Lafayette are at the Reile (**hic**) Plaza and the Smith Street pedestrian overpass at Lafayette Jct.

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