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csx problems continue

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:30 pm
by thomas
this morning i went down to walkerton ind. the CSX was talking up a storm, K898 (CN 5643, IC 1033 with 90 loads of molten sulfer) had just died at wlkerton track 2, this was 7am, dispatcher told them a re- crew from chicago is coming.
in the mean time several westbounds go through, a K358 with 8720, 9041, 7744 with 113 mpty coke hoppers and a K809 with 159 and BNSF 6361 with 85 cars,
both of these trains come around the dead K898, the K358 made it to breman ind. and he died, the K809 was behind him several miles and he died as well. so there was a dead train at,
m.p. 185
m.p. 187
m.p. 200
fast forward several hours, the new crew for K898 has arrived, dispatcher tells him to pick up the K358 crew and take them to garrett, in the meantime a N990 BNSF 5959, BNSF 5730 with 130 loads of coal, comes in behind the K898 and the dispatcher tells him to pick up the K809 crew and take them to garrett as well. all in all 15 trains went through in 5 hours.