Help save Indiana's Grasselli Tower!

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Help save Indiana's Grasselli Tower!

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Grasselli Tower, located near the much better known Calumet Tower in East Chicago, IN, was decommissioned by the IHB near the end of 2007. They have agreed to donate the tower to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, where HVRM wishes to restore it to working status and have it became a centerpiece of their operating signal system. They are in need of donations to have the tower moved from its present site beside the IHB and EJ&E. If you'd like more information about the move, the tower itself, or wish to make a tax deductable donation, please have a look below. Grasselli was one of the last three towers in the country to still operate with an armstrong interlocker machine that actually moved switches and locks by pipeline! Take a look and consider making a donation:

PS Happy Valentine's Day! My railfan-supportive girlfriend got me a couple great presents :)

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