Collision on the South Shore

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Collision on the South Shore

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Heard about this at church yesterday, didn't see anything about it on here yet, and haven't heard much since yesterday. According to WNDU:

Dozens of Michiana train passengers had quite a scare when two South Shore trains collided in Michigan City around ten on Saturday morning.

Two South Shore trains hit Saturday morning at the Carroll Ave. station in Michigan City. The accident ripped apart the side of a train and shattered glass.

“I was studying my notes, kind of felt like turbulence,” said Sierra Smith, a passenger on one of the trains.

Hannah Sweet, another passenger on one of the trains, said, “It started bumping and shaking and stuff like that, and my mom grabbed me and we started falling over and starting falling into a wall.”

Fortunately, there were no reports of serious injuries, just some shaken passengers.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen, I’m more in shock,” continued Sweet.

NewsCenter 16’s Gordy Young happened to be on the Chicago-bound train. In a phone interview shortly after the accident, Gordy said, “I can see some of the siding on the train that has been ripped off. I can see the insulation underneath there. You can definitely see the trains collided.”

Passenger Andre Waddell said, “Immediately I jumped up and tried to rip the window open and people told me to sit down and I was just afraid something was going to catch on fire.”

Many passengers were grateful that the accident was just an inconvenience, instead of something much worse.

South Shore officials were not available this afternoon to tell us what caused the train collision. The tracks reopened later in the morning.

I think there's a video on the website as well...sounded like an interesting situation, according to the person I heard about it from.

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