New Paris area sustains storm damage - Rail Car involved

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New Paris area sustains storm damage - Rail Car involved

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NEW PARIS — A number of buildings in the New Paris area sustained damage from the severe weather system which came though the area overnight Friday into Saturday.

Several buildings were damaged along C.R. 121, with debris scattered around an adjoining field and at least one road sign knocked down. In addition, at least two railroad car lids overturned in the area.

Nathan Marsili, a meterologist with the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana, said that his office was still reviewing data from the weather system. As of Saturday, it looks as though straight line winds were the defining characteristic of the system.

"Based on some of the damage, winds could have been in the 70-80 mph category," Marsili said, adding that the broadwind signature of the system could well have lead to the damage.

Josh Parker is with Baintertown Cemetery, where the train car lids where overturned.

"Sometime in the night or early morning the tops and sides of two train cars came off and landed in the cemetery," Parker said Satruday by email. "One was on top of our fence and a few headstones. The other came in further, damaging more headstones and the driveway. I have reached out to Norfolk Southern and I am waiting for them to get back to me so we can figure out how this happened and how they plan on handling the damage."

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Re: New Paris area sustains storm damage - Rail Car involved

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They would make great burial vaults.
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