South Shore Busing Passengers Again Next Week.

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South Shore Busing Passengers Again Next Week.

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Due to more track and overhead wire upgrades next week, the South Shore will be busing passengers between Carroll Ave. and the South Bend Airport. Trains will be suspended from Monday thru Friday. ... n-upgrades
Train service west of Carroll Ave in Michigan City will be unaffected.
There will be no train service to or from Hudson Lake, according to the article. (Well, duh!) I'm not sure if they're pulling a Joe Buck, or if that means that there will also be no bus service, and people from Hudson Lake either need to catch a bus in South Bend, or drive to Carroll Ave.
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Re: South Shore Busing Passengers Again Next Week.

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I cannot remember the last time the South Shore provided a bus substitute for Hudson Lake during a planned outage.
Buses run between Michigan City and South Bend.

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